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October 21, 2020

I: Introduction

You can’t just write an article about web development without some introduction.

The introduction should contain the thesis statement of your article. Its purpose is to give readers an idea of what you are going to be talking about in the next paragraphs.

One thing that may cause confusion is the lack of introduction on some articles. It’s not because the author is lazy, but because some articles are so short they don’t need an introduction.

For example, this article doesn’t have an introduction. The entire post is nothing but a conclusion with the introduction included, which made it unnecessary to write one.

II: Body

After you have given your readers an idea of what you are going to talk about in the next paragraphs, you can begin the body section of the article.

The body of an article is where you are going to make your arguments and support them with evidence.

III: Conclusion

The conclusion is your final point in your article. You can use it to summarize what you have talked about in the body section all in one place. This way, when the reader reads the conclusion, they will have a good idea of what they have just read in the body section.


Writing an article is not that hard. Actually, if you analyze it, it’s pretty simple. But, what makes writing an article difficult is being able to structure your thoughts coherently, in addition to the practice of writing itself. These are things that take time. So, start by practicing how to write an article with simple topics first before attempting to write articles on more complex topics.

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