JavaScript basics - Learn web development

Getting Started with JavaScript

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October 21, 2020

I: Introduction

I will be talking about how to create a website from scratch using the following tools:

Programming Language: Javascript

Framework: Node.js

Content Management System: Wordpress

To start off, you will need to get familiar with the basics of JavaScript that is an object-oriented programming language that is currently used on many websites. You can learn this by taking a Javascript course online. After learning the basics you can use the information on websites like JS Bin to build small programs and test it on your own browser. With this skills you are able to move onto the next step.

II: Body

When you have mastered some basic javascript it is time to move onto another program called NodeJS. It is a framework that allows you to run JavaScript on the server-side. There are many reasons why you would want to do this, but one of the biggest reasons is that it allows you to send data between the different parts of your website without using any extra plugins. This makes development much quicker and easier because you do not need to worry about adding extra plugins. NodeJS is also very good at handling concurrent connections which means you can handle multiple users at once. For this project I am going to use Express which is built on NodeJS to build my website. With Express, I am also going to use MongoDB which is a database that grows in size when data is added into it by storing it in documents. This database is perfect for my website because I will be storing my data in JSON files in the database which are very easy to access by using my REST API. When using MongoDB I will also be using Mongoose which is an Object Document Mapper (ODM). An ODM allows you to interact with documents in your database without having to worry about retrieving data from the database. It also allows you to create relations between your models so when they are created they are tied together. When I have my database setup I will be using Wordpress as my content management system (CMS). Wordpress is great for this project because it has a very flexible template engine that makes it very easy to change the layout of your website with their drag and drop editor. It also has a large user base that makes it easy to find plugins that may come in handy for my website. One of these plugins would be their REST API plugin which allows me to make calls to my REST API without having to worry about knowing anything about REST APIs. It also already has support for MongoDB which saves me time by not needing to write code for connecting my model class to MongoDB. At this point we have HTML and CSS setup and we can start making calls to our rest API and displaying data on the page. This brings us nicely onto the next step:

III: Conclusion

In conclusion, we have talked about how we started off by learning some very important concepts and building small applications so we could learn more before tackling a larger project such as building a website from scratch. We then moved onto building out our website step by step while making sure we did not forget any steps along the way or add steps that weren’t necessary for this project. By doing this we were able to build a website that we can expand further if we choose to do so in the future. This helps give us a better understanding of how everything fits together and gives us a foundation we can build upon if we decide we want to make changes or add new features later down the line.

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