Introduction to JavaScript Course

Introduction to JavaScript

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October 21, 2020

I: Introduction

I stumbled upon this technology while I was doing my bachelors in computer engineering. My first project was on java and I spent the year writing only java. It was all very interesting but it had its own problems.

After spending the last year working on java projects I finally decided that I needed to change my path. I was not really passionate about what I was doing and I didn’t want to end up like an old man without passion for what he does.

I started looking at new technologies and the one that caught my attention was web development. I did some research on it and found it quite interesting. To be honest I liked the idea of not having to compile the code before executing it. That was something that made me feel like it was meant for me.

After the initial phase of research, I started experimenting with basic web development. I would spend most of my free time on it just reading about new things I could learn.

II: Body

I learned basic html coding using w3schools. They have great tutorials for beginners and they provide a lot of resources that help you understand what you are learning.

I then started playing with javascript and that is where everything got much more interesting. I used codeschool to learn the language and it proved to be a good choice. It has a lot of resources and their lessons are very well structured.

The final phase of my learning experience was putting everything together. I planned out a curriculum for myself based on what I had learnt till date and started working through those projects from codeschool. It proved to be a good way to learn as you have to put what you have learnt into practice as soon as possible so as to avoid having a gap between what you have learnt and what you can do.

III: Conclusion

This is a brief outline of how I learned web development. It was fun, challenging and at times frustrating but in the end I am glad that I made the choice to learn it.

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