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Twitter Post Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back everyone so we have successfully designed a Facebook post so now we will go and design a Twitter post so let's get straight into it so let's start first of all you want to go to the top where it says create a design and if you can't see Twitter post up here click more and then wait for this page to load and then once it has scroll down until you see social media posts just like this and click on the first one which says Twitter post ok so click that now and let this new page load and this is where we will begin our design ok so this is fantastic on the left over here is where we have all of our layouts as you can see canva layouts fantastic and if you scroll down you can see there's just tons and tons and tons for you to choose from you can keep scrolling scrolling scrolling scrolling until you find the one that you want to use ok so that's what we're going to be doing right now we'll just go scroll down until we find the perfect one for us ok so let's just see what we can find here of course everyone is designing something different for what they need of course so some people might be doing a Twitter post for a bakery some people might do a Twitter post for a I don't know an internet business anything is completely random everyone is different so of course there's so many different layouts and it's definitely here something for everyone to choose so make sure you find the one which is perfect for you and your business or your youtube channel or whatever it is so hopefully understand I'm saying this is for a post which your post to Twitter ok so it's nice and easy and as soon as you find one which you like click it and then start designing we're just going to find one which we like right now hopefully we see a perfect one very soon and then we'll use it to design our Twitter posts ok sounds fantastic so let's just see if we can find first of all of course it can take minutes it can take well can take seconds it can take minutes finding your design it will never take longer than that though it won't take too long at all so don't worry about that so yeah it's always good you do take your time to find the perfect one for you though because if you don't take too much time and you find a bad one and then you just have to redesign everything you've just done so yeah it's always worth just taking your time and I found one I think I've found a few here actually I like this one this one and this one so it's actually a bit difficult for me I think I'm gonna pick this one here ok so first of all we're going to change this text here to www dot black brick training dot coat UK fantastic so we have our website there and then of course it says this is a paid one but that's only the image in the back as you can see I can move that and the whole image moves and that is of course the one with canva text all over it so that is the one watermark but yet if you go to download it or click remove watermark it will make you pay the dollar so we don't want the image though so don't worry we will not be paying a dollar for this this is gonna be a free design and there's nothing to worry about okay so first of all we can type in MacBook as there's always some nice pictures of Mac books on here which is very nice there we go there's a good one there for some reason that image is a bit too dark so we're probably not going to use that one this one yeah that looks quite nice I'm going to keep going though finding a different perfect okay so now we're going to change this text by clicking on it and go into the color and we're going to change it to white there we go so that actually is visible now and text underneath will change to I see black is that visible yeah that's it is we might want to change that a bit later maybe a more of a gray black not too black let's see that looks white I think and then we've got down here the website sorry I got a copy and paste this down here instead because we actually put it in the wrong place so you're doing about that though and then we can put over here we can go to at black brick training as most of our social media profiles are apt like quick training so that's fantastic although our Twitter profile is at black brick learn so we may just want to change that now but let's leave that for now because we can always change that bit later so we can change this here to online courses and then we can change this here to let's see this is a Twitter post what do we want to actually have our Twitter profile let's have a quick think about it before we write it down because you want to make sure you are actually writing something that means something for of course your business but before I do that I'm just gonna go to spacing and just make the line height a little bit less as it just seems too much right now there we go that's a bit better I think it was too much a minute ago really so no one's gonna make this text down here a bit bigger let's say 24 oh maybe not for maybe 21 there we go that fits in and then this takes here I think that would be alright maybe go up a tiny bit 472 yep that looks good fantastic so we've got online courses and then black book training code at UK so we want to change this text here something different so we don't know yet so I'm kind of putting some filler text fill it out to some random stuff and we also want to put something here as well okay so what I'm gonna do here is a quick offer like a nice little offer so let's say use a code so use the code black brick there we go use the code black brick and then I think under here I'll put get in capitals get any course or just $10 exclamation point there we go so we've got use the code black brick any cost of is ten dollars this isn't too bad although I think what we're going to want to do is change this text here so there's more obvious at the bottom line you don't just want to ten dollars on its own so let's just have a quick think as to what else we can put get any course for this ten dollars so I think what we're gonna do is put get any social media course get any social media course for this ten dollars fantastic okay so use the code black brick and then it says an invite black boot training dog cookie okay fantastic so it does say get any social media course for this ten dollars but having said that if use that code on any of our courses you can get any course for this ten dollars so yeah don't worry but of course that doesn't matter that's not the point this is just a nice little Twitter post we are designing here and looks very nice I'm very happy with it I like this fun I like this phone this phone and that font but I'm just not sure about oh nice undo that real quick I chose it I move the little gray blue bar down there by accident I'm not sure about this font down here maybe if we capitalize it oh definitely not what I might do is take away the capitals on here as I think actually looks better without them I've done it on a few of my designs we've and a few without because it's difficult really to see wherever it's better with or without the Capitals by Fink it's better without to be honest so that's very interesting for interesting indeed okay so yeah I like this I'm happy of this get any social media course for just ten exclamation mark and then we've got used the code black brick hidden away down here and yeah I'm very happy of this although I do like to put the ultimate online courses so let's just see how much extra space that would take so the ultimate online courses in case yeah I think that would take a little bit too much space up which is annoying take away thee I would submit online courses yeah I think that's good I want my courses get any social media course for this ten dollars use the code black brick black book training Booker T okay okay yeah I'm happy of this I like it I'm going to Center this image for the background real quick there we go fantastic and a quick note to Center your images all you need to do is just move it around until you can see the purple lines from the top to the bottom in the center and from the left to the right also in the center so you can see that it's now a centered image just there okay fantastic and then let's let go and or save where is awesome that is our fantastic Twitter post design hopefully you all enjoy this video hopefully you learned a lot and hopefully your design is just as nice as this if you like yours and you're happy with it or want to send it to us use at black brick learn and tweet it to us on Twitter and we'll happily give you some notes to improve it or anything really or give you some points on whether we like it or not and yes we'll just help you love it as much as we can where's good rename this really quick to Twitter post design like so enter and that is now saved and then just make sure you've saved it by clicking file save even if it does automatically save is nice to save it as well okay so that is all for this video hopefully you enjoyed it hopefully you liked a lot and hopefully I will see you in the next one thanks for watching thanks for listening and goodbye.

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