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SoundCloud Banner Design Project

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May 15, 2021

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series okay so welcome back everybody before I start this video I just want to quickly say I hope that you are all enjoying this course so far I hope you have learned a lot and I hope you are having a great time and enjoying it as well not just learning being bored hopefully you're having a great time along the way having some fun videos here for you and hopefully you're having a great time but yeah let's get straight into this video so we're gonna be designing a soundcloud banner so let's get straight into it so as you can see here at the top it says create a design nobodies can go all the way over to the right just here and click more because what we want is not there so let's just scroll down all the way into where it says social media and email headers and click on the one just here that says SoundCloud banner okay so let's click this and let this new page a load as this this is where we'll be designing the SoundCloud banner okay so here we go this is the page where we'll be designing the banner of course so first of all you want to pick yourselves a layout now all of these different layouts are for different music styles different people styles of course different band styles it all depends on music because this is SoundCloud okay so once SoundCloud you can upload music and I think you can also upload podcasts okay and a podcast is of course a audio file which is a few hours long where people are just talking to each other pretty much okay but they're quite interesting to listen to but of course there's also music on soundcloud as well as that so yeah there's many different styles here for you to pick from and of course you can scroll through them too you'll find the one that you like and that's exactly what I'll be doing right now I think I've already actually found one I like a lot so this one just here I think looks very very nice so we're just gonna type up here the ultimate online and of course our catchphrases the ultimate online courses but this is SoundCloud so we're gonna type the output online music we're gonna change that the ultimate online sound waves okay as of course you hear sound through sound waves so I'm trying to be smart here I'm tryin to be because it sounds a little bit nicer than the autumn of online courses as that does not suit SoundCloud but the output online sound waves that sounds nice so if any of you want to still that you can I'm not saying it's worth it but if you want to you can alright so now let's change this main text to black quick like so okay and then we have at the bottom here we're just going to put the website because that's this easiest okay ee w blackberry training doc ho d okay fantastic now you can have whatever image you want in the background just by going to elements free photos or by going at the search bar at the top here and is typing in an image now you could type in music you can type in anything you want of course you can also upload your own images say you have a picture of your band so you have a picture of a nice guitar you wanna upload just click upload just here and you can do that nice and easily okay so take note of that as well so let's let's go back to what we searched and see if there's anything here which will be perfect now there's a few different nice ones I suppose there's some music notes in a book just there there is a C what's this oh yeah we've got a vinyl player playing a vinyl that's very nice what else is there piano microphone many different options here we've got nice piano song playing a piano someone picking out their via noise you can please if you double click this you can see it just here now you can choose what is selected for the image all that looks very nice actually I might have to keep this that looks like a nice SoundCloud banner I must say and we've designed that in under 5 minutes so that is very good we could also change this text to black brick music Black Creek productions anything you want okay but it's all up to you sort up to your band it's all up to your music production teams all up to your designers of course it orders it up to what sort of music you make okay so the rest of this is up to you this is what I have designed but I've taken no time at all of designing this you would take a lot more time and effort putting in your own unique features into it but of course I don't make music I make courses so based on what music you make you want to design it a vamp app based on what band you have you want to design it around that okay so hopefully you understand I'm saying hopefully you enjoyed this short but sweet video and hopefully you had a great time I'll see you in the next one thanks watching thanks for listening and I'll see you soon goodbye.

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