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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back in this video we'll be designing an email header so first of all you want to go to create a design at the top just here and click the button that says more and then let this new page load once you've clicked it okay and this is where you will find the email header so at the right over here where it says social media and email headers click on this one just here which says email header so that this new page load and this is the canvas where you'll be designing your email header so first of all all you want to do is click where it says rename your design just here and just title it what if you want to call it I'm just going to call it email header for simplicity reasons and then I know exactly what it is when I'm looking through my other designs and this is where you'll be designing the email header so let's just get straight into it by picking a layout first of all so the layouts over here on the left you just want to scroll through all of them to find your favorite one and remember this is an email header so it needs to be relevant to your company or your person as to who you are or where you are in your company as so on and so forth ok so let's just have a look through these and see what we can buy and see what is a good one for us and you need to of course see which one is perfect for you so I'm going to keep scrolling down because I haven't seen any perfect one just yet might find a better one yet though me not sure what's this let's have a look that's quite cool I like that it's a very simple but very nice I might just redesign this a fun idea all right so there we go and then just here we can change this to say a few different things first of all okay the ultimate online courses and then we're going to call it the weekly newsletter so we're gonna put in just here that brick the autumn online courses weekly newsletter and that is that so that took no time at all okay this is our very quick design to make I must say so then we could add a new page and just do another design so this one just here so it's this is the photo in the design which is paid so we're gonna change that of course so on here we can just put black brick or of course whatever your company or whatever your name is you could type that just here and then you can change this to daily or weekly newsletter or anything you want I'm going to type weekly newsletter again just keep the theme that I have already going week Holly newsletter fantastic and we're going to change color of this Oh not the front sorry the color to a nice green which is just like the one up here and yes so that is that and then we listen to change this image here to something else so let's just go to let's get an image of a school or something to do with it so how about this that is cool as to sleep it's that and then it's just design another one so new page layouts and let's look for something else this is perfectly easy anyone can design an email header in seconds so that is absolutely fantastic of course you can have it saying whatever you want you can say your name your company's name and you can have it say Daily News that so you can have it say your slogan anything you want so it's fantastic so just scroll down we're gonna design one more and that will be this video because it's super super simple this one so anyone can do it literally anyone so now let's go to this one just here called you're amazing and all you need to do is change the background image as ladies what's paid so let's just type in MacBook like so and get a nice image of a MacBook just here I see which one looks best how about this one yep that is called so let's just see your amazing like this point about mazes that was amazed the background image we're gonna change this now the auto online courses and interests here we can just put back forgets and that just shows how quick and easy is to make an awesome email header okay so we've made free in under 10 minutes we've made free in under five minutes okay so that is absolutely amazing so we've already renamed it we've already designed three different email headers of course you can read change the text you can change the icons you can change the font the colors the size anything that you want to change you can change and it is super super simple so yeah that's all for this video I hope you enjoyed it remember to click Save because you don't want to lose your work and remember to download it you just go over to the right here hit download and then choose the page or you can download all of them by clicking all pages and then just choose the file type so that is everything thanks for watching thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learnt a lot I'll see you in the next one good bye.

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