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Turn Any Design Into A GIF

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello everybody and welcome back so in this video we'll be turning your designs into gifts okay now you want to use a design which is quite simple because it has too many different layers on it okay is not going to work as a gif so the simple ones like this tumbler banner or this LinkedIn banner will work or this YouTube thumbnail here or this Etsy shop icon here or even this logo okay so what we're going to do is just open them in a new tab the ones that we're going to turn into a gif so this one here and this one here and I'm also going to open one to show you what doesn't work okay so I'm going to open hopefully one doesn't work which will be this one because I don't think this one will actually work so if you click download and then scroll down to the bottom and go to animated gif slash movie in experimental phase and then click preview animation you'll see that this particular one has problems okay now if you look down here you can see that the Facebook user name goes over the Instagram logo and that is because there's so many different layers on this it kind of gets confused so you need to just try and use more simple designs to change the gifts okay so if you look at this one just here this is a very simple design and it'll definitely be able to change to a gif okay so if you hit download and then go down to animated gifs match movie and hit preview animation you'll see that everything works fine nothing is broken or anything like that it all loads in nicely okay so all you need to do then is either hit download this movie which will download it as a mp4 file or download as a gift which will download it as a dot gif or gif file and then you can click on it and of course play it at any time as you want so that is fantastic so we're just going to use this one here and go to download and scroll down to animated gif slash movie hit preview animation then if you have a look it all loads in nicely it looks very nice and then you can just go through the animation styles to find out which one you like the most of course there's six different options for you here now that one is very nice I like that largely so once you've chosen it all we need to do is hit download as a movie or download as a gif I don't like the dot gif file format so I'm going to download it as a movie for mp4 so hit that now it's just gonna scan the entire image and they go done click on it now and it will open up the animation there you go so once again just go to download' hit the drop-down box just here and go down to animated gift slash movie hit preview animation and just here you'll be able to preview what you are downloading and you get to choose your style on the right here there's six different style options you can go to 3d lock fade slide bounce or vice for this one I'm going to go to 3d hit I've a download as a movie or download as a gif I always preferred to download it as a movie as of course you get a mp4 file format but if you download this will give you K dot gif or dot gif file format CMS can download this as a movie it's just gonna scan through the file and once it has completed the scan it will show up on your downloads ok so there we go it has scanned and here it is so that is it ok fantastic now as you can see is a very low quality video file at the moment and the main reason for this is because canva animator which is this just here which is how we downloaded it as mp4 is currently in the experimental stages so there are issues and bugs at the moment so sometimes it doesn't load properly and sometimes it can look bad sometimes it looks great but sometimes of course it does look quite low quality ok so that is something you have to deal with of course so the bigger the fire or the worst quality will be so the simple of the file the higher quality it really comes out as but of course canva is going to improve this very soon so by the time you're watching this it may even be fixed ok so that's fantastic now a quick note for this you will need the pro version of canva which costs $12.95 a month but for the first 30 days you get a free trial today is fantastic so yeah that's that lets just go over one more time and then I will outro this video for you so you just want to go to download and then go to animated gif slash movie as you can see is experimental and then go to preview animation like so and then pick your animation style on the right just here so choose the one you like the most I'm going to choose this one just here and then hit Ivor download as a movie or download as a gif now I'm just going to do both so I'll do the look movie first and then we'll do the gift straight afterwards so you can of course see the difference it's just going to scan through the photo or the fire whatever you want to call it and it's just now going to export it fantastic so if you click this just here it's now going to open it up and there you go so that is that that is a mp4 file and now we're going to download it as a gift okay so let's just click that now it's just going to scan it once again and once it has completed it is going to download it so let's just wait now and there we go it's done so let's click that and there you go so that is looking fantastic so you can upload this to places like Twitter and it will actually be a gift so that is that that is how you download your designs as a gift or an mp4 so that is all for this video hopefully you had a great time hopefully you learned a lot and hopefully I will see you in the next one so yeah that's that thanks for watching thanks for listening and I'll see you very soon goodbye. 

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