Unpacking a Tuple

Unpacking a Tuple

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June 29, 2020

I: Introduction

What are programming languages?

They are a set of rules that are used to write programs, which are then translated into computer commands that we can understand and use.

Why do we need programming languages?

Programming languages help us communicate with computers and give instructions to them about what we want them to do. It is like a way for computers and humans to communicate and process information.

How do we write programs using programming languages?

We use a special language called "C" or "C++" which is used to create software. This software is then translated into the language that computers can understand. Most of the things we see on our computers and phones such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are created using these programs.

II: Body

Python is a high-level language that is interpreted and can be easily read by humans. It is mainly used for general-purpose programming and has easy-to-use syntax and few keywords.

Syntax: A set of rules and format of how a language should be written (eg. open curly bracket is {})

Keywords: A special word or phrase that means something specific in a programming language (eg. if, else, while).

Python is designed to be read like pseudo code (a way for humans to express themselves similar to a programming language), making it simple and easier for beginners to learn.

Unpacking a tuple: A Python data type that contains multiple values in a single object. It is used to store values of different types together as a group. Eg. a tuple of 2 integers or a tuple of 3 strings. We can access these values using a number called an index, from left to right.

III: Conclusion

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