How to create an effective sales video

How to create an effective sales video

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October 19, 2020

I: Introduction

Setting the stage is very important. If you are writing an article about Small Business Marketing, your introduction should include the following things:

Tell them why you are writing about Small Business Marketing. Why are you sharing this information? Give them a sneak peek into what you are going to talk about in the rest of your article. This is very effective in creating interest and making your readers want to read more.

II: Body

The body is the most important part of any article. Here, you should tell them about all the information that you have gathered on Small Business Marketing. Remember, do not just copy and paste information from other sources. Do some research on your own so it will be original. By doing this, your readers will not get annoyed or frustrated with your article. You can use any of these elements in your article:

Things to remember when writing an article

It’s better if you write in present tense. It makes your article look more current and relevant. It also helps you engage your audience better because they will picture themselves doing whatever it is that you are talking about. Your writing style should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid complicated words and sentences. Use bullets instead of paragraphs when you are listing something. It makes it easier for your readers to understand.

III: Conclusion

Like the introduction, make sure your conclusion includes all the things that you promised the reader at the beginning of your article. You can also give some advice on how they can apply what you talked about in the body of your article. Make sure that it is related to the rest of the article. For example, if you were talking about landing page conversion rate optimization in the body, then you can include tips on how to increase sales through landing pages in your conclusion. You can use these elements in the conclusion:

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