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Picking The Perfect Instagram Username

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Hello and welcome back so in this video, I'm just going to basically give you a few tips on how to pick the perfect username for your Instagram account so let's get straight into it first of all, as you can see if I just go to my main page you can see that my username is black brick training it's simple it's quite easy to remember and there are no dots or numbers or underscores so my first tip is to choose an easy to remember unique easy to spell short as possible so need to be as white as possible username so mine is unique it's easy to spell and it's short as it can be, to be honest, so you know it's just black brick training so it's quite short sweet and unique so no one else has black brick training or anything like it and I'll get into finding out if anyone else has it in a bit later in this video because it's really important before you just try and make your account you want to make sure that the same username is available in many different social media platforms and there's a perfect website just for that and we'll get into that later in this video so yeah don't worry about that just now and that brings me on to tip number 2 use the same username for all of your social media platforms and emails so for example if you want to contact us we have many different social media platforms but the main thing are we have a black brick learn or black brick training as our main user names for every social media platform so there's a slight mistake we've done there it should be plagued brick training for everything but the reason it's not is because snapchat and Twitter don't allow user names that long so for snapchat Twitter is just black brick learn as you can see on the left of this screen so it's I have a black brick training or black brick learn just like our main website UO is black quick training Cody okay so it's just easier to remember which is awesome and of course we have it on the side of every video where we have our phone on the screen so yeah that's very cool as well so that tip is basically just try and keep it as similar as possible for every single social media platform that you use and tip number three your social media username for any social media platforms to be for life so you should never change it it's your brand and work on it so, for example, I've got black group training on Facebook and Instagram and black brick learn on Twitter and snap I never want to change them ever I just want to constantly work on those same user names I don't want to start a new account with a different user name or anything like that always stick to what you have here are a few things that you should not don't use underscores as it makes it a lot more difficult to spell and not more difficult to find your account and things like that number two don't use any consecutive repeating letters characters or symbols so for example if we had BLACK for black and then BRICK for brick and then TRAINING it would make it really really difficult for people to remember how many of those letters we have and really difficult to find and different things like that so yeah make sure you just use like as little as possible and just try and make it as clean and simple as possible in your user name and finally number three for the list of don'ts don't choose an offensive or in trend word in your user name so first of all, you don't try and use a swear word in you it in your user name as that's just silly and second of all don't try and use a trending word in your user name I thought just don't you just don't use a trend or a swear word in your user name because no one will follow you basically and it's very silly so yeah that's that so now what I'm going to do is show you a quick website it's just kind of really help you to find out what user names are available and find out if the domain connected to that user name is available and everything like that so here we go this is name chk com so I'm going to type in a random user name so if I type in black brick learn and then hit enter as you can see Com Net org code appears is available Facebook YouTube Instagram blogger that's all available all the ones in green are available the ones in red aren't available so the ones grayed out unavailable and the ones like this in yellow they're not sure so if you can see Twitter is grayed out that's because we have that and snapchat you either see somewhere it's going to be grayed out we also have that I can't see snapchat on here anywhere but that would be grayed out I can't see it. it's interesting to also see which ones that I so for example Fiverr is taken but we haven't got that somebody else has that twitch is taken but we've got that and yes so just make sure you check out this website it's named chk.com a calm so I'm just going to think of another one just a random one what I'm going to do is just refresh the page so that we can redo this so yeah let me think of another username, we can have a look at so let me say blue label productions already you know this is going to be too long so just take note of that so as you can see we have com is taken off the domains net dog decoder beers they're all available and all the other ones that are in green are available Facebook YouTube available Instagrams available Twitter is too long as you can see maximum if it's 15 characters and vine I'm not sure why vines there because vine is no longer a thing and another tip you can also download results so if you are something like a brand creator or social media manager and someone is looking to buy your services from you and they want you to find a username for them you can then download these results and send them to them so they that's really handy as well but yeah that's the main tips I have for picking an Instagram username this also goes great for Twitter Facebook whatever username you're going to pick basically so yeah just follow along with the tips I've told you following the tips and tricks and make sure you use this website name it's great it's easy to use and you have the best results so yeah that's that thanks watching thanks for listening to I hope you learned a lot and I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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