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Starting From 0 Followers - Where To Begin

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series
Okay so where should you start when you have zero followers as you can see this page has 103 followers so it's still not very many at all as it's not been really going on for too long anyway so what do I recommend you do there are just a couple things I recommend you do is tighten from zero followers first of all follow a lot of people when I say a lot I mean 50 to 100 different people and yes it's good just make sure you're following a good amount of people not thousands and thousands because then it seems like you're just asking for follow for follow just 50 to 100 200 max it depends how many people you want to follow but don't just follow zero people because then well then your account des seems like it's not no active at all so yeah make sure you are following people that you want to see photos from yeah that's that number to post regularly when you first start make sure you're posting daily if not daily every other day so try and post as much as you possibly can and on those posts try and use as relevant hashtags as possible so as you can see in this photo I've got just a few hashtags but it got 15 likes on the first day it's not very many but obviously we're just starting to grow our count really so on many of these posts we haven't even put any hashtags but one thing I recommend is make sure that you research the hashtags that you're using and make sure that you are actually using hashtags so one thing I recommend when you are putting hashtags is to rather than put them in the actual description of the actual photo I recommend that you comment on the photo from your own account and then just put the hashtags you want to use so our hashtag for example snapchat or whatever you want so this particular post is the Instagram marketing course promo image and yeah so that's the image for this course so I'm just going to comment Instagram marketing like so Instagram marketing hashtag marketing hashtag Instagram and so on so you can just do a load of different hashtags in the comment but make sure it's the first comment of the post of the image post and yes as you can see after that just like that so if I search Instagram marketing now like so and click search and then click this top one which says Instagram achtung and scroll down as you can see these are the most recent Instagram marketing posts now the one I actually commented on I posted two hours ago so if I go for that and to scroll down to I fink WOD be two hours here we go this one just here you can see it would open it up as two hours ago I posted it so it won't be at the top for the time you commented on it it will be in here based on the time that you posted the picture so I could comment on one which I posted episode the ages ago and it wouldn't help me out very much at all so you want to do this as soon as you post the image so that it appears at the top of the recent hashtag so the recent posts for that particular hashtag so I'm on the like pretty much at the top just a little way down for this particular hashtag so that's why you want to make sure you comment your hashtags as soon as you do the post don't wait hours after so I just did that as an example of course but yeah that's another thing you want to do and another thing is to make sure that you share your Instagram page via your Facebook page Twitter page YouTube account so say in the description of a YouTube video say following me on Instagram and then link it on Twitter on snapchat even you could say it and yes so that's all great things to do and another thing which I'm going to say is the last thing for this video to do when you have 0 followers and how to start up actually gaining your first few followers and that is to actually if I show you if it's actually to make stories this along the top just here is loads of different people's stories that they have on Instagram I don't follow these people but it's just recommended from Instagram and different things like that so they just at the top so the more stories you make the more likely you'll be on there and then people might even find you so yeah that it's absolutely awesome so that's a definitely thing I recommend and also if people do follow you at the top here where it says stories you'll see they'll see your story along with everybody else that they follow so yeah stories is another thing which I definitely recommend but yeah that's that just make sure that you are regularly posting your regularly using stories and sharing your Instagram page on other social media platforms as well as off to the Instagram itself and you'll be fine you'll start growing you Instagram account just like that so yeah Awesome that's that hopefully you enjoyed this video hopefully a lot and hopefully you'll be ready for the next one so of course I will see you in the next one thanks watching Frank's listening and goodbye.

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