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Types of Instagram posts

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January 20, 2020

Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series. Okay, so once you have created your Instagram account, you'll realize that there's so many different types of posts you could make on Instagram even though there's just images and videos there's so many different styles and creative Formats you can put into your posts that is just crazy so I'm going to list a few for you so you can just get an idea of how many different types there are so Yeah, let's get straight into it so images first of all we have behind the scenes posts these are images which are behind the scenes of your business Say for example I make online courses so I could do posts on my computer screen when I am creating a course so I could take a picture of my recording software And my microphone and something like that and that's behind the scenes basically I could even do a video of that a behind the scenes video I'd say Is much better than a behind the scenes picture for me personally, but it all depends what you are doing so yeah behind the scene number two Every post from employees so for example if you have many employees and you're a small company, maybe not a large company, but if you're a small company you have employees who are also posting it's always great to do report from them as well, so yeah, that's that that just helps promote the business and promote your employees as well so that is absolutely awesome number three educational posts so you could make videos for this but pictures Are also helpful so for example if you are saying how to cook eggs or how to scramble eggs you could do a quick video on it but pictures are also helpful Because you could do it if a free step guide with text on the picture and things like that as well and that is very helpful and it will get a lot of Engaging in that post as well, so that is absolutely fantastic number four influence posts, so what an influencer is someone with more Followers than you that you can use to promote your products and services say for example if I paid a YouTube or any famous person famous on Instagram anyway that has a lot of followers I can then have many people see my products and services and yes so influence of posts basically mean Someone that has more followers than you pay them and they do a post promoting your products and services for you so yeah that's that that is Influence posts number five motivational posts, so this is mainly images and mainly in the form of text so an image with text on it and this can be quotes or just Text anything really which will motivate people so for example a really, really inspiring quote which will motivate people to have a better life and make They a lot happier and that will also get a lot of engagement because he'll make people think, oh that's nice and it all just can make him like the photo or Video depending on what you've done and yeah, it will help you grow your engagement on your page that's great number six user-generated content now This is mainly images of your pets or you having lunch or anything like that and this is more personal this is more personal images and for example you Could use the hashtag puppy and many other hashtags to do with dogs and then you can put an image of your nice puppy or dog and yeah that will get you lots Of engagement for animal lovers and things like that or if you are eating your dinner and it's a really nice meal and you're at a lovely restaurant or Something like that you can use hashtags and you can also put your location of the restaurant and everything like that as well so that is Fantastic and final number seven now this is there's not a particular name for this, but this basically is posting for different holidays for example Christmas, New Year or national sibling day or National Ice Cream day anything like that so for example, says it's National Ice Cream day or national dog Day you can post a picture of ice cream and use the hashtag National Ice Cream day and many other hashtags to do with it and it will generate a ton of Engagement throughout the app so yeah, that's absolutely awesome and that is another great idea just by posting on certain holidays and certain days which Are national days, so for example national sibling day so take a picture of your brother or sister and post that using the hashtags as well and it's Probably many of our types of posts you can post as well, but that's just a few that's just the basics and that's just the first few you can think about Posting so yeah, that's that thanks watching thanks for listening I hope you learned a lot and I hope you had a good time.

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