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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to introduce to you a site called tap fluency this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy this is a marketplace where brands hire influencers and the influencers showcase like here's my twitter here's my Pinterest here's my Instagram here's my YouTube and then based on that there are certain rates that are set and as a brand you can hire influencers and there's a bunch of influencers here and you know that they want you to hire them because they are here and this is something you can use for your personal brand in case you have social media accounts from which you can promote you can make money from this and you can hire influencers to help you promote whatever you are promoting so this is actually something you can use on both ends you see when I mouse over login you can log in as a brand or as an influencer I already have an influencer account so I'm actually gonna log in to that and show you how it works this isn't part of my profile I connected my Twitter and my YouTube and me gave my content topic Business and Finance small business entrepreneurship and they came up with rates so for example for me to make a video to promote some kind of a brand I would get paid two hundred seventy-seven dollars to create a blog post to be fifty and to create a social share post on Facebook and Twitter I will get like a hundred dollars and so the whole package would be all of that summed up like - let's say somebody got the whole package it would be over four hundred dollars and once you create your profile and fully filled it out you are going to be listed in the marketplace so when brands come here they can hire you and on the flip side of that you can be a brand that hires influencers from here you can use the Site bow in both ways so that's tap influencer it's one of the most popular such sites that's a marketplace for finding and hiring influencers or getting hired as one.

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