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Getting someone else to pay for your retargeting ads

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now I want to point out an interesting nuance this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy you see this is my Facebook and on the right side you see this Go Daddy ad you don't know this just by looking at it and it's impossible to tell just by looking at it but this is a retargeting ad I'm not just seeing this because GoDaddy wants to target me I'm seeing this because an hour to ago I was on looking at domain names for a client if you're not familiar with GoDaddy it's a big common site you know for domain name registering and hosting and all that and I was just looking at some domain names for a client and so they're running ads to retarget me trying to get me to bring back because as far as they know I might come back and buy the domain names I might become a customer so the nuance is that if you do influencer marketing and you promote in order to drive people to your site you're gonna be the one who has to pay for the retargeting ads but if you are actually doing influenced your marketing and driving people to Amazon or GoDaddy like in this case or eBay or Etsy or any of these gigantic web sites you can be absolutely sure that they're gonna be the ones paying for the retargeting ads you're never gonna know about this you're never gonna see it but they are actually going to be paying to get that traffic back they're gonna on their own run ads retargeting ads to bring the traffic that your influencer is brought who maybe didn't buy so on your site if you want to bring people to your site you have to pay for it but any of these other platforms they pay for it so if your product if you see if you're promoting a product on these platforms sometimes just driving traffic to the traffic that doesn't buy can result in them paying for the ads bringing those customers back and having those sales eventually take place you'll never know why they don't tell you but this is going to go on behind the scenes if you dry you get your influencer to drive people to instead of your sight some other big the site where you do business.

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