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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about the size and dimension for this banner image so that when you have it created either by yourself or by a freelancer you will know exactly the dimensions that you need this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy so there are different Facebook banner image sizes because some people will look at your page on mobile some on desktop and all of them will have different screen sizes and the banner adjusts Facebook adjusts the dimensions depending on the size of the screen of the device so on desktop the entire width is displayed and the height is typically chopped off on mobile, the height is typically preserved or chopped off a little bit but the width is chopped off by quite a bit what happens is you have to direct your freelancer or whoever is going to create your banner to create what's called a safe zone inside the image middle so that it doesn't get cut off from any angle from on top on the width depending on the devices so let's talk about the banner safe zone it's typically 640 pixels by 312 pixels that's where you can feel good about whatever is in there it's not going to get cut off the typical cut off that's going to happen is approximately 90 pixels on the left and to the right if on mobile and approximately 24 pixels on the top and bottom so you can create a larger image and it's gonna get cut off by these dimensions if necessary if it's deemed necessary by Facebook so basically don't add anything that's really valuable for your brand 90 pixels to the left 90 pixels to the right or 24 pixels on top and 24 pixels on the bottom and that's the dimensions of the banner image of your page.

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