how to use amazon SEO advantage

How To Use Amazon Seo Advantage

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: It's important to understand that when people search any keyword in this case I chose the example with fundraising this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy when they search this keyword and then they click on something not a sponsored link like this is sponsored this is sponsored so we're gonna skip that but let's say this they click this one or they click this one that tells Amazon that this one is a good fit for this search and it's a ranking signal if that happens one time it's not gonna make any kind of impact but if it happens many times then Amazon thinks oh this product that's getting clicked is significantly better than the other ones next to it and it's gonna rank that product was getting clicked higher so here I have a fundraising book that I'm trying to rank this is actually page four on Amazon so this book actually that does not rank it's not doing well right now and I have the helium 10 the plugin so you can actually see a lot of information about my book it's a hundred twenty-three thousand and the paid Kindle Store so it's not even in the top hundred thousand it's a struggling book at the moment and I'm working on raising its rate ranking and all that so the reason I'm filming this now without showing you my full screen you see how like you can see my windows and all that so that you can see the URL and this URL is the URL that basically happens when in search I'm gonna actually copy it and put it into a Word doc so you can see what it looks like and we're gonna dissect it's gonna become very important and clear what we're gonna do with it in a second this is that URL and they made it bigger maybe I'll make it even bigger so you can see and we're going to dissect it obviously it's then what is a keyword fundraising you see that and it was page four of the search results right here so for us what's interesting is the keyword field Amazon knows that this was the keyword now let's look at what happens when people actually click on the product this is that same page now I'm going to click on this product and I'm gonna grab this URL copy and then we're gonna dissect this URL now this is that URL, first of all, okay it's we don't need this information this is the name of the book and the idea of the book we don't need that information this reference string we don't need that the keyword see the keyword got transferred over aha, the keyword got transferred over and so Amazon knows that person who landed on that page searched for the keyword fundraising and it's a signal if a lot of people do this it's a signal to Amazon now it's hard for us to influence this on Amazon but if we promote exactly this URL like this and let's say we promote this URL on our social media on different ads maybe on Facebook ads other ads maybe we're gonna get some influencers to promote it we're gonna get hundreds and hundreds of clicks on this URL with Amazon thinking like wow this is like really popular right this keyword is really popular and it's gonna rank you higher organically for that keyword and this is what we are after now this is the actual URL of my book and this is that I that ID at the end you see without any of the keywords without any bad so if I just copy this and then if I go to Amazon you'll see that Amazon can find my book just through this but you see if I use that to promote on social media or anywhere else I'm not getting that promotional extra juice for that specific keyword so I'll copy this and I'll go to Amazon and you see in the URL I basically I'm just gonna get rid of everything and I'm gonna paste the URL that I had without the keyword C without any parameters except for that this is that book ID and this is the book name so I'm just gonna enter that and of course, it gets to that same book but not taking advantage of the keywords but it's way better if people come here using that original URL with the keyword in there so that it can help us rank higher for that search and if we maximize clicks if you maximize ranking what's hopefully going to happen it doesn't happen in every case but it happens often is that the organic ranking of your product whether it's a book or product on Amazon is gonna start ranking higher and you're gonna start making sales from the organic sales of your product meaning when people search for the fundraising keyword for example and of course this is sponsored but the first the organic result that's where you're gonna start ranking and once you're ranking highly in the organic results then you're gonna start getting sales from real people who are just searching that keyword so even if you actually lose some money running the ads as long as you can rank higher you're doing this you're actually gonna make your money back and then some

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