How to setup an event trigger

Setting up an event trigger

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're gonna continue setting up our Facebook pixel this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and we have two options after we've added it we can do it manually or use Facebook's events head up tool an event is just something that Facebook will track that happens on your site so let's use that setup tool so I'm gonna use that same website and this is a pop-up that Facebook generated you're just gonna go next and then we're gonna go next and then Facebook gives you a few options to select an the event so what do you want to track maybe if you have something for sale an event is adding something to cart or initiating checkout or its lead which is like a signup or a complete purchase or any of these other things like contacting you donating there's a lot of or scheduling an appointment there's really a lot of potential things that Facebook can track in our case let's just say something simple just for example says view content and then I'm gonna say confirm so now we have this event set up so now when we set up our ad we can select this pixel and this event and we're gonna be able to track like how many people who saw the ad engaged with the ads went on to click the site and actually view the content now viewing the content is not a big thing it's not a lot to track but at the same time it's the very basic the simplest thing you can do to start tracking things and once you get comfortable tracking simple things you can track more complicated things.

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