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Set Up Your Facebook Page Screen Name

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: So when you create your page your this is a very very the initial creation of a page I made this just for this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy what is going to show there's really nothing on it what is going to show you are look at this on the left side us is going to say create a page username and you can say maybe something like cool page hello this is just a test so it doesn't really matter but when you create this first in your case you can have your brand and you can additionally have a keyboard or two just for the URL to have the keyword but just your brand is fine now when you click create the name you're all set this has been created and so now people can search you see for that in Facebook in this put in this search on top if they enter that they'll know so if they search for your brand your page will come up and it's actually going to be your URL as well just to show you that I got out of the presentation mode and now you can see the URL and you can actually see that the page of the URL of my page on Facebook just has that you see and the username that I gave it now you cannot change it now so you can only set it up once so when you before you create your page make sure that you created intelligently so the choice would be either your brand is perfect or maybe something you want to get discovered by it but generally, people have it as their brand and that's enough.

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