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Email template and script to pitch influencers

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: If you found an influencer you'd like to work with this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy here is an example of an email that you would write to them as you can see it's very brief there's a purpose for that you have to be extremely clear and to the point if you're confusing even if they might want to promote you if you're a bad communicator a lot of people might reject you on that basis so your subject will be something like I'd like to hire you as an influencer to promote my product you actually can reduce this and just say I'd like to hire you as an influencer it's very direct and this is up to you up to your taste you can go the shorter route the longer route totally up to you whatever you feel like sounds better for what you're doing the shorter version will fit not more nicely in cell phone screens so that the email title doesn't get cut off but the longer version is a little bit more specific and therefore clearer need neither is wrong either works I'm just giving you two preferences whatever looks good to you now the body is also important so they look at your email, first of all, it's extremely important that you find their name nobody wants hi or deer or something right you put their name so you put their name like this that's just totally fine at least in us that's totally accepted even if you don't know them now you want to tell them what you are promoting if it's a product or a website or something else and then you link to it the link here is just this site it's a random example URL you would link to your website and then you ask them one essentially question are you open to creating social media post or youtube video to help me promote it.

I am willing to pay that's it see it's very clear I'm willing to pay so they know it's paid you're not wasting their time and you're asking this question essentially right so it's only one question there's a specific reason for you asking only one question the answer is yes or no if it's no you can ask them why not most of the time you probably would just leave them alone but like if now maybe it's not the product is not a fit or maybe they just don't advertise in which case we'll be really hard to convince them so you don't want to convince too much but if they reply yes you see this email is extremely clear I'm promoting this are you open to promoting it if yes you go to the email number two so you reply with this see that next email is if yes and I'm going to make this italic and put it into parenthesis you can start by saying my budget is this and you tell them what your budget is and what you need for that this is a negotiation tactic it's kind of like drawing a line in the sand ideally they want to squeeze as much money as possible from your sure but maybe you're not a big rich company and if you tell them my budget is like a hundred dollars what can you do with that immediately that creates a standard in their mind like like a wall okay all we can get is a hundred dollars it might not be true you might be able to pay more but but whatever you feel like it's fair to pay them you wanna that's where you can start the negotiation the other way to do this is to ask them how much would it cost and they'll give you a rate that works for them you can try to negotiate them down I would advise not to negotiate too much which is why it's actually good to offer your rate which is reasonable for you if you engage in too much negotiation as waste of time and sometimes it just turns people off from working with you and you don't even know you don't even know them so negotiating is kind of not great because you really you want something that's a win-win.

So that if it is a win-win you can work together in the future now then you ask would this work for you and then you can ask some follow-up questions how much traffic do you think you can send and how soon would you be able to do to deliver it this is reasonable the other the question that's optional because you don't want to ask too many questions at a time the other thing is just optional up to you do you have examples and results of previous promotions of your or other brands products that you promote it and maybe this can be the third email and not in the same email because what you want to do is just have a kind of an easy conversation short emails that are easy to answer that are clear and essentially what you get to after one or two e-mails back and forth if they're gonna work with you when they can deliver it you'll agree on a price and of course, you will only email them if you've already researched them you made sure that their traffic is super targeted to you their traffic is not like fake traffic it's real traffic and there's engagement only then you would have to go through this email sequence and then you guide yourself a good influencer who wants to work with you or give you a no in which case you move on and you do this with an influencer who wants to work with you.

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