How to find great images for facebook page

How To Find Great Images For Facebook Page

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna show you two places online to get unlimited free beautiful images this video is brought to you by Appy pie's Academy that you can then use in your social updates or contests so the first one is pixabay and it's a free stock photos and even videos but in our case, we need photos now and all you have to do is just search for like let's say you want some topic flowers or something and you get all these amazing and with flower photos that you can use they're all striking and beautiful and really pretty and you can use them in your posts now most people know about Google images the problem with Google images that people don't realize is that not all images in Google images can be legally used in for-profit situations let me show you when I search for advanced google image search this comes up google slash advanced underscore image underscore search and what's gonna be interesting here is that what you want to use is not all images you see usage rights right here and you want to pick free to use or share even commercially and in your case even just be on a safe side free to use share or modify because you will be modifying because you may be adding overlay text on to the image so you wanna use this option and then you want to search for your keywords or let's say flowers and so when we search these we know are going to be safe but if you had used the regular image search which is basically images that Google com that gives you a lot of other images and you can get in trouble because some of those images have restricted copyrights that people can come after you legally and they'll be correct because you didn't do your due diligence so please use either advanced Google Image Search or pixabay to ensure that you have full rights to your images and of course if you want to splurge there are paid sites which give you stock photos but in this case, I'm just giving you the free options to get unlimited beautiful photos.

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