How to create retargeting campaign

Creating a retargeting campaign based on your custom audience

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Now that we've set up a custom audience of people that we are tracking that come to our website with our Google pixel this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy we're gonna create a new campaign and actually retarget those people so we're gonna say new campaign and then we're just gonna say let's say, Leeds or whatever and then we're gonna say display and we're gonna say standard display the campaign then they ask to select the ways you'd like to reach your goal we're just gonna enter our business website and click continue you're gonna give it a better campaign name we're going to just stay with this for now and whatever the geography you want to target it's totally up to you like we're just totally up to you, bidding is totally up to you in this case we're that's not my goal is not to show you this my goal is to show you something else so we're going to skip all these things so that we get to the thing that I want to show you which is the audiences if you have a custom audience that you created you can select that one I'm gonna select any one of them it doesn't particularly matter and you can use audiences that they kind of have for you you know like this is preset by Google and you can just use this but you can also, for example, like I have here all users of my app yeah so I can select that audience so it's custom or you can use the audience people who came to your website that audience right that Google pixel that you're tracking and then that's how you use that and then the next step really is creating your ads the only thing you'd have to do is basically create your visuals these are display ads so whenever people go on any website if that website is showing ads your display ads are gonna show up so you might have a freelancer who's like a graphic designer create these ads for you and the most common ad is like the square box it's like 250 by 250 and once you have that then you can resize it to other squares and that's the most common ad so that's essentially how you set it up it's actually pretty easy the only issue is that your target audience the custom audience at times it might be a little small if your retargeting people who came to your the website then, of course, you only can target those people but even though it's more effective it's still only those people so it is a small audience but it is a good audience so in all cases, it's recommended that you early on your the website you set up a pixel to track your custom audience that is all website visitors and people who perform desired actions these are maybe email signups or click on some button and then, of course, you'll be able to always promote to them again and hopefully bring them back to your website because these are out of all your cold leads these are the leads that have gotten warmed up the most so far and we really want to bring them back because they're really good potential buyers.

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