How to connect new Facebook Pixel in Ad

How To Connect New Facebook Pixel In Ad

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's continue working with pixel so this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy I created a specific pixel problem eos core sales pixel with this pixel I tracked just one page and on this page, I sell courses after you create this pixel what I did is in you highlight the pixel and then you want to connect assets and you want to connect your accounts and you want to also connect people and then connect to the person me and so I'm able to use it in my add a dashboard so now when I'm in my add setup and that would be right here remember this screen when we were creating the campaign and under campaign there are ad sets and under ad set there are specific ads well what you can do is now use this pixel once you've connected it to this account and this person you can connect that pixel and that's what we did so we got a fresh new pixel and you can get a lot of analytics from this pixel so you can target future audiences and Facebook will also show your ad to people who convert at a higher rate just to make sure that it's clear what's happening so when we are creating our ad set on their website, it says conversion event location and it says will optimize delivery of your ads to get the most out of these conversions at the lowest cost so what you can do if you get rid of this you can go and choose a pixel and this is the one that I just made this one and you can even see it's 23 minutes ago so I'm gonna choose that one and that's a unique pixel it's gonna track uniquely that page and so over time it's going to understand like what is the ideal audience for that page who goes to that page and after that our ads are gonna be really well-targeted to the ideal kind of user, of course, we're gonna do our own targeting but Facebook is gonna help us along and we'll have a lot of analytics so let's take a look at that analytics since this is a new pixel there's no analytics yet there's no real data so let's take a look at some analytics for an existing older pixel and we're gonna go and the top right open an Events Manager and we're going to pull this down and it says open in analytics and us can tell some data about this particular pixel this pixel tracks a very small the subset of my traffic it tries to sell some kind of an expensive product we're not gonna worry about that we're just gonna check out what it shows us so users uniques session lengths top landing pages and traffic sources in this particular case it's not that informative because a lot of it is unknown but for other types of tracking it will be there will be more things that are known and you can tell a few other things like when people are active throughout the day then you can see the gender metrics here too overwhelmingly male so of course that informs our future targeting you can see location in most of the United States so we can tell quite a bit and form our future ads based on this analytics and you can also browse around different options on the left here some I have set some not it depends on what you might find useful for example there is demographics we can take a look at that and there's technology technology is actually interesting because would you have guessed that most people come from like Windows I wouldn't write like Windows here I totally wouldn't I definitely would have thought like yeah Mac but not Windows so it's a little surprising and so does that really help us in this case not really but it just gives us an overview and the most important thing is that now we're going to have specific and analytics available to us and data that is going to tell us a lot about the users of that page that we're tracking and our ads will be more optimized that's what's really important for us and we'll get reporting on future traffic to see how well it performs that's also really important for us.  

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