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How To Become Amazon Affiliate

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Whether you promote your Amazon products yourself this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy or you give it to your influencers that are gonna promote your account well you can actually have that promotion be also on an affiliate link so you collect money on both sides you can collect the revenue that you're going to get and you can collect the affiliate Commission so the way you sign up for to be an Amazon affiliate is you scroll to the bottom of their homepage and then you find the affiliate link it's really crowded here and I don't want to read all of these so usually what I do is I go to like affiliate and you see become an affiliate it actually wasn't even here it was right here so I would have been searching for a while so you become an affiliate if you're wondering if you can join you should read this page learn more I'll give you the summary they look for you to have if you have a website to be creating your own content and if you have an if you're gonna promote from social media they look for you to have at least like 500 followers or something like that they actually describes that here I can make it bigger but really you just should really read this on your own and what they really look for is people who aren't just kind of spamming the web or writing useless content but really people who are you know they explain it if you're a passionate reviewer stylist content created by the way this is great for influencers but even you if you have that kind of content that will bode well with them and so they have their team review it so even if you have all the credentials they'll still go through a review process on their end and if you get in great then all the links can be affiliate links that you promote so you collect affiliate revenue and purchase revenue but if not that's okay you just collect the purchase revenue but essentially if this is what if this all works out for you then you just click join now and of course you will go through their signup process and all that and then you would be part of their program if they accept you I am now in the application process after I logged in I said yeah that's me and then I go next then I enter all the information that they have about me then they go next then they enter my website and my youtube channel then I click Next then they ask if there is anything for children under 13 I say no then they asked me to fill out what my information on my website and YouTube is all about and I say business and marketing then they asked me which of the topics describes your websites or apps so you would say like you would choose whatever is for you so I would say the business then I would do the secondary topic a lot of my content is educational well sometimes book so I would choose that so then what are you interested in promoting so books then they ask what your website is your website about I would say you know it's a Content site and then I would say blog something like that how do I currently monetize then they ask how do you currently drive traffic so I say SEO how do you currently generate income so you say maybe eCommerce online commission junction which is fine then you fill out the rest of these this is pretty boring and standard you just go enter whatever it's right for you then you answer this capture and you go next then there is an identity verification process basically they're just gonna kind of call and confirm that the number you gave them is right so you'll do that on your end I'll do it on my end then once you've verified your PIN after they call you you'll get a screen like this and they say congratulations everything is complete and you're ready to submit your application yes you agree and finish and you are you have submitted your application and you can enter your payment and tax information later if they sign you up and you should get an answer from them sometime in the next day or two or three who knows how long it takes them but that's essentially the process pretty simple and that's it.

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