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Create Facebook Business Manager Account

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Once you're in your business manager the next thing to do this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy get into the ad manager and set up you're the page now you may be used to or still see Facebook's old design for this which looks like this, if you see something like this you basically just need to go into business settings so it will look like this and you need to go into your accounts and add pages because you'll need to have a pay and the reason you need a page is because your ads are run through a business page, not a Facebook group of business page so you'll add a page either you'll make one or you will add one that's existing but let's use the more modern Facebook design for this is your business manager home and so you what you would do is go to your business settings and it's gonna look very similar to that previous page and then of course you go to pages I already have this problem you'll calm page set up but in your case, if you don't have that you will just click the Add button add a page you see it's very similar the changes are just cosmetic and if you're doing this for a client or a partner you would request access to a page and you enter the page there or you can create a new page if you already have an existing page you would use this and then you would just paste the URL of the page and add the page and it will look something like this for you and you'll have your page added and then all the ads you'd rather be with it would be through this page so in the upcoming videos, we're gonna be using this page to set up your ads.

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