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Learn Ad Campaigns

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: If you're new to running ads whether it's Facebook Google YouTube anywhere there are some concepts that typically confused all beginners so I want to go over them now and hopefully clear them up a little bit and as we keep going through the ads they're gonna become more and more clear this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and I'm gonna be showing you how to use it doing screen sharing but now I just want to kind of get started in helping you understand it and so there's these ad campaigns sets and individual ads what does it all mean it's it's really confusing and for me it also took a long time to get my mind wrapped my mind around it like why do we need it and if you're just running like one basic ad and you're not planning to change up your photos or change up your ads or bidding or targeting actually you probably don't need it but if you plan to really stick with your ads and really perfect them and make them work this is gonna trim help you tremendously so the way ads are broken down is for any goal that you want you have one campaign so for example to promote my mobile app just one campaign mobile app promotion and under this campaign you're gonna have one or more ad sets a set is going to define some things for you like the targeting right so let's say in one kind of set you want to target men in another set you want to target women in another set you want to target all their people in an ER set you want to target younger people you know in another set you want to target a custom audience like a special audience then of course for every set you create a budget you create a schedule and you also create bidding strategies maybe you want a bit higher but lower the double bid under bid all those things anyone and you're gonna be able to choose placements like where does your ad appear in what instances that's all in the ad set so it's a lot of the settings of the ad essentially you can think of it as settings now in each ad set you have one or more actual ads actual ads are basically the type of text you use the pictures you use the videos you use it's called your career creative in the marketing world there's a term you're creative that just means your pictures text video however you structure your ad to make it appealing and so in 1 AD set you can play around with different creatives like different pictures different videos and see which get better results and once you stumble on sound for that maybe gets a higher signup rate or higher click-through rate or better leads then you keep that and you keep on you can keep on experimenting with the ads under specific ad set that's so that the ad set is consistent and the only thing that's different are your copywriting text your pictures so you'll know oh these pictures are working better this is better so you'll be able to refine and perfect your individual ads over time so this is this is a really good way to organize your entire campaign and in the structure and that's why this structure is used across a lot of different online advertising places like Facebook Ads Google Ads they all use it and if you don't get it it's really confusing if you get it it becomes really clear so this hierarchy of everything is under one campaign campaign has multiple ad sets and each ad set can have different creative that you can experiment with so you ultimately can experiment with different ad set and a lot of different ads to see what works and what doesn't work and ultimately get to more and more highly converting more effective ads. 

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