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Benefits of influencers over ads

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March 19, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's talk about when working with influencers is better than running ads because after all this video is brought to you by Appy Pie Academy and are a sure way to get the traffic you don't have to guess or test influencers with ads you can just pay whatever Google Facebook Twitter you can pay for the ads and you can get the traffic so let's talk about when it's better to work with influencers because influencers do represent that risk of maybe the traffic is not gonna be there the sales are not gonna be there and ads don't have that risk so maybe you're actually not looking to pay influencers but you're looking for a free promotion or either you're asking for direct free promotion or you're doing some kind of networking and hopefully that eventually you'll get some traffic or some cold promotion or something like that which is actually fine networking is a very good thing to do another reason to attempt to work with influencers if maybe you cannot run ads for an example I have a client now and he's selling like CBD oil products and products that have to do with the marijuana industry and ads are just not allowed like you just he's just not able to run Google ads or different kinds of ads a lot of platforms just ban certain kinds of ads that are maybe in a legally grey an area so it's just sometimes for some Nicias ads are just not an option at all or if you maybe have tried to run ads but like your ads weren't effective maybe you got traffic but there are no sales so if your ads are not performing well and you want to try influencer marketing because maybe with the influencer marketing you'll use the trust of that influencer and maybe their very niche an audience that might be a fit for your business maybe you'll be able to outperform ads so that's another reason to try to work with influencers over running ads, of course, you might also want to get the trust and branding from the influencer if somebody noteworthy mentions you it's more trustworthy than just running some random and that trust in branding has longer-lasting the potential, of course, you can also get another benefit from the influence remarketing if they link to you or they mention your brand those things actually help your SEO search engine optimization if you are working on SEL that can also benefit you and other reasons to work with influencers are if you can get long-term benefits or some kind of great potential for example if somebody hires me as an influencer to create a YouTube video promoting their product we don't actually know what that how that video will do maybe we'll get a hundred views maybe a thousand maybe a hundred thousand in a couple of years we actually don't know so there is this great potential and there is this long-term benefit because a video might stay on YouTube for a long time and might get views like five years from now I mean I have videos from years and years ago they still get views so you get these long-term benefits that ads just don't give you because as soon as you stop running ads the traffic ends but with some ways of marketing, the traffic just keeps coming so those are the typical reasons to choose influencer marketing over directly paying for the traffic.  

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