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Step 1 Q1 What are you selling or promoting ?

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: In this case today we're looking at business which is both online and offline, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, this is an estate agent business and the business is based in the UK now at the end of this section of this case study you will find the estate agents five questions template and you'll also find a blank template which will help you to create scripts for offline businesses and then there's the bonus which is actually a finished video which is an estate agents video based on the case study that we're working on now and that will include a voiceover and graphics so to get started we need to ask question 1 and question wall is who or what are you selling or promoting now this might sound like an obvious question but with every type of business or product that you're promoting there's a different answer and there's a series of different answers that will come up from that one question so whether you're promoting a product to service an idea a place or a thing you can use this really smart template that I use and that is to ask yourself who why where when and what so in order to make a little bit more sense of that let's have a look at the first part of the question and as you can see across the top of this page the WWWWW H stands for the who what where when why and how and that will help to remind you of the way that you're going to approach this question so the first question is you know what are you promoting so I am promoting an estate agency service for a company called peak estates now that's obvious.

It's important to put the obvious down because that's what the actual viewer of a video wants to know they want to know the obvious information and also what do they do so they're helped people buy and sell houses now that might seem obvious as well but you need to write these things down when you're doing your scripts when you're doing this part of the exercise in steps one and then finally the other part of the information is that they operate in the Peak District region of the UK so once you've actually answered the question you know what are you promoting then you've written down you know two or three answers to that question what it's important to do then is to finally put that list of answers into one simple sentence so what I would say was Peak estates are an estate agency that helps people buy and sell their homes in the Peak District now that was really simple and the more you practice this the better you'll get at it so all do now is we'll jump to question two which is equally as simple but it's important that you do these questions in this exact order because as you'll see at the end by the time we get to question five and put it all together it all makes perfect sense and it'll help you create some fabulous scripts so let's jump to question two.

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