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Where/how to find a good voiceover artist?

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video we're looking at how to find a good voice artist and where to find them , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, my first choice when it comes to finding a voice artist is we'll jump onto Fiverr now and I'll show you how to find a great voice artist a great price and how to save time and really this is about saving time because you can spend such a lot of time asking questions and then getting a prize and then you find out that some extras I'll show you how to fast track this I'm going to search for female voice artist and I want them to be speaking British so I'm going to search that's going to give me a number of results and we'll see how many results it gives me on the left hand side here so it says here we've got 72 results well looking down here that some of these are female so obviously it's given me some bogus results what I'm going to do and this is what I usually do is I go over to the relevance button here I'll just click down and get newest arrivals this is going to give me smaller amount of choices in fact it's given me five they all fall under the keywords female voice artist British and I also know that they're the newest arrivals what this means is that I'm going to get the best price well Fiverr sometimes throws up some level one sellers in this category and as you can see from the price fifty five dollars that's not a great start in price this is a great Stein price three dollars sorry three pounds sixty nine which is five dollars and and we've got a seven pound sacks of ten dollars one of the main criterias.

I look for is that there have a video which means have got some recording some samples this one here there's no samples I will even look at that this one's too expensive so we'll look at this one first and I'll have a listen so click on the actual player button and it won't take you anywhere else it'll just play a sample I wasn't that impressed it sounded a bit flat and it sounded Low Energy let's have a listen to another that sounds a lot more professional so what I'll do next is I'll actually click on the profile on the hyperlink here I'll go to their project page and it tells me here that for you know seven pounds thirty eight or ten dollars I'm getting up two hundred and twenty-five words which is which is cool that's a good price now what I want you to do is go straight past about this gig straight down here into the order details and the extras this is an important area that you need to be looking at you can see here that this person offers commercial rights 18 pounds forty six and also full broadcast rights at eighteen power forty six so there's quite a few extras at this person's adding on the chances are you're going to be adding on your own background music and you'd expect to get a revision you know you're getting two revisions on this gig which is important because if there's any mistakes or anything's not you know not delivered correctly you you'll want to ask for a revision to do the job in three days that it's cool.

Now what I do next is I would take my word document which has the script so the word document that you've created with your script that you've learned in this course I would take that document I would make sure that I've done a word count and I've put the word camp at the very bottom of that script which communicates to this Fiverr seller that you know what you're doing they're going to see that it's a professionally written script they're going to see that you've put a word count on there as well which makes life a lot easier for them and what I want you to do is I want you to contact them so I want you to actually click here and I want you to send them as an attachment the word document that you've created and keep it brief just send them a message in here that says hi marina use the person's name please have a look at the attach script and let me have your best complete price by doing that this individual will look at your script they'll decide on a price and the chances are they'll send you a custom offer which is fine you don't have to accept that custom offer what it means is that you're cutting talent down the amount of communication time by a huge amount imagine if you'd sent a message to this person and say could you tell me how much for 125 words well they already have that on their gig what you're fishing for is what are the extras but if you actually send a message to this person and say here's my script please let me have your best price you'd like to think that there would be professional enough to send you a custom offer and it might be that they haven't got a lot of work on at the moment bear in mind this is a new arrival it's not a long-term Fiverr gigs there it's a new arrival so this person's became they're gonna be excited that they've got a message so if they're send you a custom offer the chances are that that custom offer is going to be quite low I would do this with two or three suppliers in this case there wasn't two or three people who I would choose but with other genres in British female vocal artists there aren't that many on Fiverr if it was an American voice artist news female or male there would be hundreds so choose the ones that have got a video have a listen see if their voice style and their delivery style is just right for your script and then do what I did on this one go down past the description have a look at what the extras are have a look see if they've got any reviews yet reviews don't mean everything some people might have two or three reviews some people might have any yet but that doesn't really matter what you're interested in he's getting the best price don't forget with Fiverr.

If you're not happy with what you've got then you can ask to cancel the order so this person knows that this there's an accountability there with the quality using this process you will serve a lot of time there's nothing worse than going backwards and forwards asking questions you're getting straight to the point hi here's my word document this has got my script in this is the word count please let me have your best price it's very direct very specific and the chances are that person will come back to you with a custom offer and once that custom offer sent to you if you accept it they can't come back and start asking for more when they see your script they'll realize exactly what the script is for and they'll send you a custom off there 99 times out of 100 it will work out perfect that's my advice in the resources section on beneath this video I'm actually listed some of the presenters on-screen presenters and voice artists that I've used over the last five years they come highly recommended some of them might not be the cheapest I guarantee they are the best and I've used them numerous times but if you're looking for a budget a budget voice over then use this method that I've given you in this video and you will save a lot of money and you'll get the very very best voiceovers and begin a relationship with a great voice-over artist on Fiverr.  

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