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Step 1 Q5 Describe Your Customer in detail

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: Here we are at the final question five and that asks your potential customer is who, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, what it requires is that you actually describe your target audience so let's jump into this and have a look who a typical customer of peak Astaire agents would be so a typical customer would be someone who is thinking about sign their home another detail would be that someone who's selling their home in the Peak District and that they want to get the best price for their property and to feel confident that it's being sold by the right company so when we put all of those three answers you don't need to write three ounces you can put two answers I could put four answers but you know for this purpose that seemed to cover everything so putting all that into one answer would look something like this the answer is homeowners in the Peak District wishing to sell their property soon at the highest possible price that really sums up who would do business with peak estate agents, okay so that's it that's the answer to question five and we've come to the end of the answers and questions section.

Just to remind you that also in the resources you can get the estate agents five questions template so you can look through everything that we've discussed in these videos and just to recap and refresh your mind and then if you want to actually practice this on a blank template I've also included that within the resources so you can download it and fill in the details yourself and practice with other offline online businesses and it might be your business it might be a customer but it could just be a fictitious business and you make up the answers just to get into practice with what you're actually doing and remember there is a bonus video at the end of this section which shows you the finished estate agents video with the voiceover and everything but you know we won't concern ourselves with that yet what we need to look at is this we need to look at how to add your five answers to the script matrix this is where the real magic happens so in step two we're going to cover all of that in detail so grab yourself a drink and get comfortable and we'll get stuck in I'll see you on the next video.

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