E commerce Script Step 2

E commerce Script Step 2 How to add your 5 Answers to the Script Matrix

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: In step two we're going to look at the script matrix, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy,  but before we go into that I want to just quickly recap over what we've done in step one so as you can see this is the word document which I advise everybody to work with it's much easier to jump onto a word document like this and to fill in the blanks so in the resources section below this lecture you will find both a blank Word document for the e-commerce scripts and a document which is filled in with these answers so at least you can go through these and get some inspiration some ideas of how it's all been created so we've got question 1 and then it just runs down in order question 2 as you can see the answers have been filled in here.

Then the final combined if we call it a combined answer of all of these answers as being put in green and section 3 which is all about the features section 4 and then we're into section 5 so that's everything that we've already done in step one and now we're going to jump into the actual script matrix this is what the script matrix looks like here are all the questions and this is the number of the question now you'll notice that it doesn't go from 1 to 5, in fact, it jumbles up and we've repeated question 4 twice and there's a good reason for that and you'll see below where I've actually just copied and pasted the Green answers from up here all these green answers that we've put have copied and pasted those into the word document here and you've noticed that I've put unedited because it is unedited I've just copied it and pasted it so answer to question five is here for everyone that's willing and committed to consciously changing their lives and it goes on and so far that's one of the answers from four there's another answer from four there and answer number one two and three and then finally there's a call to action.

Now just to say something about calls to action it is absolutely imperative that you give a call to action at the end of your video if people don't know what's expected of them then there's a good chance that they won't do anything just putting a button under the video that says click here isn't enough you've got to tell them you got to say to them now you've watched this video click on the button below and tell them why they're clicking on the button below that's very important if they're going to be buying something click on the button below to buy my book if they're going to another page or they're going to download something for free tell them what their ex what's expected of them and what they'll experience so this is it this is the SEC basically step two in a nutshell we just add we cut and paste from the answers in the word document here we just cut and paste when we drop them into this section here it's as simple as that so in the next section which is step three we'll edit what we've created here so it flows in a more conversational style.

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