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Step 1 Q4 Name three problems that your customers suffer from

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March 20, 2020

Video Transcription: So here we are questioned for, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, prior to using your services or products what our customers commonly complain about your competitors or your competitors products now this is a great question and it'll really get you brainstorming some ideas we're not interested in what you do well what we're interested in is what makes the customer uncomfortable what are the complain about while they're dissatisfied with what are they disillusioned with what could be better for their experience so it's up a look at some really typical common answers within the estate agent business so one common complaint would be the multinational estate agents are too big to care and only have a national website a call centre and no local offices what the said here is that they don't want to do business with a faceless business they want to do business with someone who cares now another common complaint would be that they don't know the local area well enough to properly sell its benefits.

That's a great point if you live and work in an area that has some outstanding natural attributes then you can talk about that passionately and genuinely to prospective buyers and this isn't going to come across from somebody sappy on a cubicle in an office in London when they're maybe selling something in a rural area in the north of England that's another good common complaint and another one would be that they are only interested in a quick sale and not focused on getting the best price now any one's going to complain about not getting the best price for their house and being sold down the river as it was so these are really good common complaints and these are going to add some really good juice to your actual script now you'll notice here that I've actually put this has been the answer to the question, not the final answer like we did before but I've left it in three separate answers and we're just going to keep that as three separate answers and you'll find out in step two exactly why I've done that but for now you just need to keep three good solid answers to that question and that's all you need so we can get on with question five. 

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