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Are you talking to one person

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy this video, we're gonna talk about the importance of talking to one person so even though your copywriting might be read by thousands of people each time someone reads your copywriting you're speaking to one single person so you always want to keep that in mind so when you write your copy it's not targeted at thousands of people it's targeted at one single person so just like I said this is speaking to a single person and it's not a speech it's not as if you were giving the sales pitch in front of 20 people it's more so that you're giving a sales pitch to a single person and a great way to keep this mindset when you're writing your copy is to create a persona of a typical customer and then speak directly to them through writing so what is a persona our persona is a fictitional the character that's based off the traits that your target market has so your a persona should be representative of your target market and if you don't know what your target market is then you're gonna want to do more customer interviews but there is no exact science to making a persona so you're gonna have to guess but you want your guesses to be educated so instead of making guesses that you just assume your typical customer will be like you want to base them off the information you got from your customer interviews so here's an example of the persona I found this picture of a Google image search and I've named this guy Bob Thompson and I've decided that he's 52 years old and he's married with two children his job is a financial analyst at ey he loves do-it-yourself projects and hobby businesses and he's scared of not being able to provide for his family so I never interviewed someone named Thompson who was a financial analyst at ey and who loves do-it-yourself projects and hobby businesses but let's say for this the example I interviewed 20 different people and they all seem to be similar to this persona so if I'm writing directly to Bob then the rest of my target the market is going to respond and feel like I'm writing directly to them now I'm not gonna include Bob's name in the writing because it's fictitious or not real but I still want to keep Bob in mind when I'm writing my copy what would Bob think about what I'm writing right now so this is really a mental exercise that really just helps you write your copy in a more focused way that'll help your target market.

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