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How to persuade your reader?

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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy series. now we're gonna talk about the importance of anticipating your customer's doubts and it's really important that we address the doubts your customer has in the body copy now keep in mind no product or service is perfect almost all products or services have some flaws so when you're writing your copy you want to avoid the magic pill mentality and the magic pill is if you buy my product or service your life is going to instantly get better without any work on your part and in most cases that's simply not true and if you write from the magic pill mentality then you're not being honest so it's much better to address these flaws that your product or service has because whether or not you address them doesn't stop the customer from having their doubts so if you can bring up their doubts for them then you're gonna build a lot more trust and even if your product or service happens to be perfect your customer will still have doubts and there's actually a lot of examples of this where our famous copywriters had a product that just was so good that people wouldn't believe it was that good so they wouldn't buy it so the copywriter actually had to talk down the product and that just shows you the power of bringing up these flaws so like I said don't pretend your product or service is flawless and when you bring up the flaws of the doubts your customers having you are building trust and as I mentioned in a previous video Trust is the most important thing you have when you're writing your copy and that's because just like the difference between your best friend that you can trust and a friend that always lies if your reader trusts you then your words are way more meaningful to them and if the reader does not use you then your words are almost pointless and they're probably just gonna walk away without reading any more of your copy so Trust help sell your products and remember without trust, your words do not matter.

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