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December 20, 2019

This course is brought to you by AppyPie as part of our Academy this video we're gonna be looking through amazon's kindle store to see some real-world examples of copywriting in action so we're gonna look at book titles which are essentially headlines and see are they using the three elements that we've been talking about in this course which is self-interest news and curiosity so for this exercise I'm just gonna look at productivity books such as how to be more productive because I know there's a big market for that and it'll be curious to see these titles so I'm just gonna ignore the sponsored post and look at the most popular one so the first one is getting things done the art of stress-free productivity now I just know that this book is really popular because it's a cult classic it's been around for a while so I think its success is not determined by the quality of its headline but for fun let's just look through our three elements to see if this satisfies it so the art of stress-free productivity implies some kind of self-benefit obviously we want to live our lives stress-free and more productively but it could be more powerful with the you the art of how you can live more stress-free and be productive something along those lines so I think that part could be improved the news there is nothing newsworthy about this one so it's not the brand new art of stress-free productivity now it could imply that there is a little news to this like oh this is the art of stress-free productivity that no one's seen before but that it could be a little more clear if that's what they want with this title this the headline and the last one is curiosity and I would say that's probably where this headline is the strongest because of the art of stress-free productivity sounds awesome and it makes me really curious you know I didn't know that was an art being productive I thought it was the exact opposite of art it was very linear logical so I'm curious what exactly is the art of stress for you productivity so let's look at the next one and let's start with self-interest so the productivity project accomplishing more by managing your time attention and energy now I think that's stronger for self-interest because you're going to accomplish more that's very clear and you're going to do it by managing your time attention and energy now when it comes to news the productivity projects accomplishing more by managing your time attention energy they're not really using the news the element here there's no groundbreaking study or a new method that hasn't been released before it's kind of implied maybe the productivity project is something new that hasn't been around before but if they wanted to specifically include news in their headline they could work on that and the last thing is curiosity so the productivity projects accomplishing more by managing your time attention and energy now the productivity project is definitely sparked my curiosity what is that it sounds cool I have no idea what it is I'd like to find out more and also the attention is pretty interesting that they brought that up because I know that's gaining a lot of momentum right now where people are wondering how can I manage my attention in this attention economy so one the thing I like to point out as I'm doing this is I'm not saying these are bad titles at all if they don't satisfy the three elements that we've been talking about obviously these are some of the top-selling books in this category but I do think it's a very helpful exercise to look through the three elements that we've been talking about inside of this course and see that even books that are very successful could use better headlines they don't necessarily have the best line and they can be popular for a large number of reasons outside of the headline like maybe the author's really famous or this book just stuck more than other books have but that doesn't mean that we don't want to use the best possible headline for our projects for our books that are publishing for our emails for the subject lines so if there's any room for improvement it's awesome if we can be aware of that and then make that improvement ourselves or another option is if you don't want to improve on a headline but instead you see a really great a headline like for example if we found a book title that just nails it you might want to keep that for a swipe file or just a list of book headline titles that you really like so you can get inspiration when you're writing your own headlines in the future so let's look at two more for this real-world example video the next one is the power of habit why we do what we do in life and the business I'm sure many of you have read this book it's a very popular book but let's go through the three elements self-interest why we do what we do in life now it's not direct self-interest because it's not saying by reading this book we're gonna be able to make a shift in our habits but it's very very strongly implied so by understanding why we do what we do in life that's implying a strong self-interest once we know why then we can change it and because this the whole book is about the power of habit we know that it's about how we're going to be able to change our own habits and therefore a change our lives so I think it could be stronger but it's pretty good at nailing the self-interest the next one is news and this one I think actually does that pretty well because it says why we do what we do this has a kind of feel to it as we've never known in the past why we do what we do but now it's been figured out as science has figured that out and although that could be made stronger in the headline that's the immediate feeling that I got from it so is this very interesting because it's not a science it's kind of an art more than it is a science but by reading this I feel like it has that news element and another thing is curiosity this is definitely nailing the curiosity why we do what we do in life and business who doesn't want to know why we do what we do so that's a very a strong part of this book title now the next one is free to focus a total productivity system to achieve more by doing less so that's the self-interest piece right there achieve more by doing less by reading this book I'm going to be able to achieve more without having to do as much which is a strong self-interest that's great I mean it's really great they put that in the headline and also free to focus that's not as strong of self-interest as the achieve more by doing less but that does imply a strong benefit that we're gonna get if we read this book the next up is news now this one has another the thing where it's implied like a total productivity system this is probably a new system that hasn't been around before but if they wanted to they can make that stronger this is they just by putting that in a brand new total productivity system or something along those lines and the last thing is curiosity and me would say they also touch on that by a total productivity system for me personally that makes me very curious what is their productivity system is it something I'm already using or is it some brand new system that's gonna change the game for me I'm curious so that's it for this video I hope this gave you a general idea and to help you think outside of the box because when we're going through examples and learning in this course you know it's very black or white does it include self-interest doesn't include news does it include curiosity and we can come up with examples that very obviously illustrate each of those three things but when you're in the real world it's not that black or white here on the Amazon Kindle Store I lift up the most popular books on productivity and as you can see some of them have some of the three elements but it's not necessarily that they either really have it like it's pure self-interest or they don't have it at all sometimes they have a little bit of self-interest but they could add more if they wanted to so I hope this inspires you to be creative as you come up with your own headlines and feel free to pull from other headlines that you really really like if you see any book titles here that just sound awesome and they're relevant to what headline you're creating or writing use these as ideas copywriters have been doing this for years that's why this swipe file is so popular they create lists of book titles or headlines that have worked really really well in the past so they can always use pieces of it in their news headlines when they're creating new products so that's it for this video and I look forward to seeing you inside of the next video.

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