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How long should your copy be

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December 20, 2019

This video is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy Series. In this video talking about how long should you copy be and this is actually a very common question asked all the time it reaches there is no 1 reading answer and the sun is the link of your copy at he does not matter what does matter is the equator essentials message without including any necessary information so it is said that happiness is like a woman scared it should belong enough to cover the Essentials but shoulder Nashik and that actual wave summarisation of hydrogen is not part of Venice to make sure that all the points in 500 readers taken action movie also don't want to for them with their religion information if you are so simple products like water then you promised me that much copy per if you are selling and investment care vertex working when saying to get rid taken action when you need have longer copy describe the nature of the product selling now general some is leadership pause automatically copy but after that readership  500 to 1000 words so what time means is you can I have some people that it can read the first Apple a device installed but after that if it doesn't matter how long is Scorpion in most cases your readers can keep reading the copy and some self pages are over 8 pages and disaster relief effective it's just relief on you Karan essentials but also keep an interesting and not you know but that doesn't make that break up with your friends.

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