How to Write a Business Plan Course Introduction

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Enough about the course to rate the course instructors are a little frustrated with that students are confused by that it's something that udemy does of course as an instructor I'm here to give you a five star experience and I hope you have that in case you don't in case you have any issues please message me and if you have any suggestions any questions I'm here to answer and I'm here to hear and actually if you look at the course it almost always has an extremely recent update date because students like you message me and I actually update the course and I keep making it better this course is over five years old but I keep on updating it and I keep on making it very very current and I keep on actually trying to improve myself as an instructor and every time I improve myself as an instructor I update the course to make sure that it's it's good for you so any questions the course only improves when you tell me how to improve it and last thing some students see the videos blurry now the videos are all in HD the reason the course might be blurry for you or you might have some video player issues course not playing anything on the bottom right of your video player you'll have a Settings icon little gear click on it sometimes the resolution of the video might not be it's that there's a maybe you might not have the right default so play around with the default try 720p or try different ones and it will bring it the video back to focus sometimes students have issues with that so now that you understand how the course is structured what to expect what are the common issues that come up let's get started and by the way so the first part of the course is like business planning I take you from beginner to advanced second part of the course is us going over how you can be a better intrapreneur how you can focus on your time management business business productivity so that you can execute better because yeah planning is important but over planning is a mistake and my goal for you is to plan well and start well and succeed long term so with that get started.

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