How to choose a semi-successful marketing strategy

Example: Choosing a semi-successful marketing strategy & bad results that follow

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March 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to give you another example of a mistake in the marketing strategy that might lead you to struggle in a business that actually has potential for tremendous success so what this business did a little before I arrived is they started doing a lot of YouTube videos to relate this to your situation what you might have a lot of people telling you is something like you should thought you should do a blog or you should promote on Instagram so this is kind of like blogging YouTube being is kind of like blogging basically creating informative content in fact it's a little better these days because people read less and less and videos are so much easier to consume and easier to share but also Instagram is kind of like that social influencer ship status and a lot of people are promoting stuff on Instagram where yeah fine you can make some sales I mean you can make some sales standing with a billboard on the street sure but some sales is not gonna make you successful or wealthy some sales is gonna keep you struggling and so that's the example that I want to show you of choosing the wrong strategy you don't need a lot of strategies like I keep trying to reinforce in this course don't need a lot of strategies you need the correct ones and this is I semi correct one so it's not bad but it's not ideal I'll show you everything what happened so I searched here how to clean grout and of course this is one of the major keywords in the grout tutorial space and this company is actually doing relatively well the number of three in the organic results the first one is an ad I'll make it a little bigger this video only has three thousand views but when I click on their channel you'll actually see that they have a lot more views because they have older videos and some of the videos like you see this at the bottom twenty-six thousand views a hundred thirty nine thousand so this is actually a successful channel altogether.

They're getting close to two hundred thousand views you ask how many sales does that produce this was producing probably one to two maybe three sales a week for a $19.99 product which cost some money to produce so it's not all profit so you see that's a way to seemingly do well you get a lot of views but it's just an example of so much work and most people don't get 200,000 views 200,000 views is actually really successful as far as niche YouTube channels go but even so you see that this was simply a strategy that sure it worked a little bit but if this was the only strategy that this company pursued this company would not have succeeded and that's typically commensurate with blogging and information and content content you can upsell from content content marketing is okay to get traffic to upsell from but people looking for content and tips they're not shopping and so if you're trying to sell stuff well it's challenging to sell because they're not shopping so what you want to do is find where and how people are shopping in our case we identified how people are shopping and so that's the only places we pursued wholeheartedly and you'll see later that the extent to which those succeeded were many many many times more successful than this so now hopefully you're getting to see the different mistakes like the mistake in the previous video where I showed the salt client where they went to brick-and-mortar stores and that was a mistake at first then the YouTube strategy it's not it's not for all businesses that was not so much a mistake at first but it's just not ideal so it it really wasted a lot of time it's great to do this it's great to have these tutorials but not as the primary C primary the primary marketing strategies have to be spot-on in the most effective ones so hopefully you're getting to see the nuances of choosing the right marketing path and the right marketing plan and by the way if this is all helping and you're enjoying the course it's always appreciated if you can take a second I know you to me bothers you all as a student to add to leave reviews if you can do that I'd really appreciate it those things help out a lot in any case let's get right back to the course with the next videos  

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