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Twitter Best Practices

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay five point four is really important it's best following practices so we want to make sure as we're processing people through our following funnel that we are abiding by through those policies and rules and their guidelines so following limits twitter applies following limits to your account so that the spammers don't just follow millions of people at a time and therefore alert millions of people a time about their product if we can follow these steps from module three to make sure that our profile is optimized and our spam score is zero or very low twitter will no longer consider us as spam and they will not restrict what our account can do apart from the hard fast rules so here are a few general very general guidelines it's gonna be changing from a specific account to a specific account because Twitter have very complex algorithms to calculate which accounts are spam which accounts are not a really big factor I'll point out that isn't present on this page is the age of the account if your account is under two or three months old you're considered a really new account and you're gonna have to give that just a little bit of time a little bit more patience then if you have an older account because they're gonna restrict you a little bit further on how many people you can follow so everybody can follow technically 1,000 people a day that is the maximum you you literally cannot follow more because you try and follow one thousand one you'll get an error message through Twitter saying you follow too many people today similarly you cannot follow more than two thousand people unless more than two thousand people are following you now this is not exact but uses as a basic guideline so here are what I recommend how many people I recommend that you follow every day depending on how many photos that you have if you currently have more than 5,000 followers I would an you are more than three months old your account is with a low spam score meaning you've taken the steps we've optimized in Section three I would fall out a thousand people a day I fall a thousand people a day with all of my accounts none of them are under three months old and all of them have over 20,000 followers however you also can follow unfollow twice a week to clean up your followers to following ratio if you have more than 3000 followers I'd process five hundred people a day and then the unfollow once a week less than three thousand I would not follow more than two hundred a day and I would unfollow only once per two-week cycle I'd be very cautious early on in the in your accounts life and as your account gets bigger and bigger you can just simply follow a thousand people every single day if however you do want to test the boundaries of Twitter's guidelines they do give you one warning to cut back your activity before they will suspend your account and nobody wants to be suspended please make sure you are within Twitter's guidelines be a little bit patient at the start if you have a new account it's very important and eventually you'll be able to get 200 plus followers a date once you start putting thousand people through your following funnel a day but for now be happy with putting just 200 people through a day and getting 40 to 50 targeted genuine follows every single day to your account the last question I thought I should address is because it's it's a big theme reoccurring at Twitter's website at the moment a lot of people buy fake followers the main reason to buy fake followers is for social proof if you get onto account that has 20,000 followers you don't really know unless you investigate a little bit further if they're fake or not they give you more social proof they also help with your Twitter restrictions if you have 5,000 fake accounts you can then follow over 2,000 people because I they obviously have more than 2,000 followers my recommendation yes buy fake followers I would buy 5,000 and then build your following from there so when you eventually have 50,000 followers only 10% of your following it's fake might sound like a lot it's really not Justin Bieber actually is one of the biggest accounts on Twitter about 31 million followers and I believe it or not actually twelve million of these followers are fake he has 12 million fake followers so are they gonna penalize you I don't think so worst case scenario you can block these fake accounts in the future and have no consequences again it's entirely up to you why should you buy fake followers the best place to get them is five you're calm FIV e double are calm you'll be able to get $5,000 I'm sorry you'll be able to get 5,000 followers for just $5.

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