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Twitter Newsfeed

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay great now that we all have Twitter accounts let's get started going through Twitter's features 1.2 is Twitter newsfeed I'm gonna take you through the basics of Twitter newsfeed in order to create a an essential foundational understanding of exactly how Twitter works as a micro blogging platform let's dive into it awesome so here I am again signed in as my profile Benji blue at Benji blue with two E's feel free to check me out I currently have 41,000 followers following 4,500 people and I've tweeted 265 times Here I am you know it's the homepage because there's no extension on this URL and it also has home on the top left navigation bar highlighted by this orange line this line will be whatever color you choose it to be in your Twitter preferences as you can see there's a dot right here this means I have new tweets to read and as I have a look over here 21 new tweets now as you can see I now have 33 new twit so this tweets counter it keeps going up I click on it it'll expand the latest tweets for me to read this is my Twitter newsfeed so it comes under this label tweets over here and it spans the entire length of the page and as you can see these are my tweets in chronological order from the people that I follow you can interact with these tweets by replying directly to them sending a message back to the people mentioned and people who send tweets you can retweet them so you can have you can publish this exact tweet this exact original tweet to your followers you can favorite it which means it's added to your favorite list as you can see it comes up down here or you can share it by by clicking the more button to reply again simply click down here you can enter the enter your reply enter your text enter your media your photo or you can add your location if you wanted to do that and just send it back you will notice that they tweets a chronological the ones that I'm not chronological have been retweeted within this time frame so this these tweets 8 hours ago and 2 hours ago but they've been retweeted within the last 2 minutes by these people that I follow awesome so this is the basis of your Twitter newsfeed and how Twitter works as a micro blogging platform basically publish a tweet everybody that follows you will see that tweet in their newsfeed as you can tell you follow lots of people you'll get lots of tweets that is why it's crucial to know exactly how to use Twitter in order to be seen by as many people as possible.

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