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How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Hi guys welcome to module five growing your fan base this is the exciting part of the course, this is the success system we've all been waiting for and this is everything you need to know to get targeted genuine human likes to your account I get over 200 every day and there's no reason why you cannot get more to that more than that by applying these principles and strategies I'm very excited to share this with you so let me just show you what we're gonna go through and then let's actually get to it five-point one will be the following funnel this is the core strategy that we're going to use that's all I'm gonna say for now we'll jump in just a second. if I point to is how to follow people the easier way the manual way what's better basically, we want to follow people to put them into our following funnel five point three how to create a list I'll tell you why we want to credit us when we get there five point four our best following practices how do we follow people so that we are within Twitter's guidelines but still maximizing the return we're getting from our following funnel excellent let's jump in five-point one following funnel here we go.

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