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Creating your Twitter Account

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay 1.1 create a Twitter account again if you already have a Twitter account please skip on to 1.2 and I'll see you there if not let's get started and create yourself a Twitter account in under 60 seconds here we go okay awesome I'm here at and this is what it looks like so as you can see in the bottom right hand box down here it says new twitter sign up so what do we do we enter our details into the form below your full name your email and your password now your password obviously you are creating in this box sign up for Twitter you then get directed to a page that requests a little more information about you and also your Twitter preferences so the first three boxes as you can see are the same as you've just filled out the fourth is choose your username so this is your handle that will have the @ symbol in front of it it'll suggest one for you it is not going to be very good so what you do is you just delete this and put in a handle that you like and it will tell you if it's available again you can change all these all this information and details at any time in the future keep me signed in on this computer sure Tayler Twitter based on my recent website visits you can learn more here about that I like to keep that ticked and then just head down here and create my account so I'm getting a catch ba to make sure I'm human let me see if I can decode this create my account you are then directed to a welcome screen so this is going to help you get established on Twitter by following a few people and getting involved in the community if you don't want to take part in this right now simply delete this part of your URL or just head back to the Twitter homepage and it will look like this your account if you do when I go through this welcome process simply click Next they want you to build your timeline and so you follow people so you can get their tweets they suggest you start following five people so let's just take those top five by clicking the follow button and as you can see the newsfeed on the right is then populated with the tweets of the people you just followed so now they're gonna give you categories they want you to follow five more people so that you are diving headfirst into the community and not just a dormant account so click on a category that you like and then follow five more people if you don't want to do this again just head to the Twitter homepage you can do this in your own time there's a search function here if you know an account that you want to follow find them and follow them simply click Next again so now they want to find people that you already know so you can import your contacts from your email addresses and see your friends who are on Twitter it's very useful to do I highly recommend it I'm not going to do it at the moment if you don't it'll just simply come down here and click skip if you are gonna do it simply follow the prompts by collecting search context and then importing them so here's where you start personalizing your account they want you to add character so what we are we're gonna actually focus on this in module three so we're not going to add a bio or an image yet we just want the skeleton account established so we can then optimize it in module three so I'm gonna skip quick skip and here we are at the Twitter homepage as you can see the URL once again says the only difference is we are now signed in without brand new account to view our account profile either click our name or you can click me in the top left navigation bar and it'll take us to a very blank but newly created profile.

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