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Twitter Hashtags, Trends, Direct Messages and Search

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January 30, 2020

Video transcription: Okay now we're up to 1.4 other Twitter features let's have a look at hashtags trends search functionality and direct messages okay so I'm hoping this page is looking familiar to you once again we're on the Twitter homepage you can tell by the underline being under the harm on the top left navigation bar so I'm gonna go through a couple of Twitter's main features hashtags will be the first so let's have a look at those so what is a hashtag exactly a hashtag is a symbol and it's used to mark key words or topics that basically categorize your tweet so if we have a look at my news feed right here as you can see the first one that is inside is virgos so this is a Twitter account dedicated to virgos and as you can see with the hashtag virgos they have categorized their tweet into being relevant to the word virgos now what you can actually do is these hashtags are interactive you can click on this and find all other relevant content on Twitter about virgos as you can see it's filed by top so the top user accounts are showing up and it's showing me all the most recent tweets and people that have been tweeting or talking about virgos and what you need to understand is that any word can be a hashtag there are no rules you throw a hash or the pound key at the front of any word and you've created a hashtag here is quote here is commitment once again you click hashtag commitment and you'll get all the hashtag commitment tweets and content around Twitter so a couple of quick characteristics of hashtags they can occur anywhere in the tweet they can be the start at the end like this one up here there are no rules with hashtags later on in this video course I'll give you tweet structure suggestions but just know there are no hard and fast rules of where you should or should not put your hashtags only just keep them to a minimum of one or two tweet otherwise it's gonna become a little bit more spammy popular hashtags become trending topics which is a second feature we want to talk about as you can see here on the left hand side trend now you will find this trends tab in all your home notifications discover and me tabs alright so if we click discover right now we'll see the trends is still there so trends ah determined by an algorithm that are based on your location and the relevancy of the topic to your Twitter account you can easily tailor them to be to suit your preferences so I currently do have them tailored you can change that by location so if I want to transform Rio de Janeiro which is where I'm currently located I just select that and click done it's now giving me rio de janeiro trends once again if you are in new york simply click new york and you will find your trend so to interact with these trends simply click on them let's find the top one that's not promoted failed apps i click on that it takes me to the page that has categorized all tweet with the hashtag failed apps as you can see going down the page all these tweets have this hashtag there and there are a lot of these tweets because it is a trending topic which means it's the most talked about hashtag to that at this moment to participate in this hashtag or in this trend simply click the tweet button delete the Tweety already had in there type the pound key and type the hashtag that you want participating felt apps then you can type your tweet here you could add a photo at a location and simply tweet it you will then appear within these results and you'll be more easily discoverable by other Twitter users okay direct messages if I go back to my home page it's not necessary but just okay that's not a good thing yeah I'm just gonna try and get rid of that yeah you still there aren't you okay so I'm back on my home page and as you can see there's a little icon up here with a hundred and seventy nine on it I think it's supposed to be a speakerphone type thing I'm not entirely sure but these are your direct messages so let's click on that to open it up now as you can tell by me having 179 of these messages is the direct messages are used a lot of time for spam so people have automatically send direct messages when somebody follows them that they don't even know they're sending out it's sort of like a virus on their account such as this one hello users thanks for following like our page on Facebook where uses ice approach is supposed to be my username and just simply trash that but you do sometimes come across people who are genuinely interested in your account this may be automated maybe not I found a lot of cool people who have been direct messaging me and I've been direct messaging them so it is a useful feature let me show you actually how to use that simple click new message enter the person's name and type your tweet 140 characters is still the limit but you can send as many as you like in a row.

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