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What is the best time to post on Snapchat? 

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December 14, 2019

So how to post onsnapchat snapchat is pretty straightforward when it comes to posting contentjust gonna open up the app right now once again it opens the camera feature topost a photo all you have to do is click the photo button down below it'llcapture photo and you can then edit things on top of this so you can addfilters or text or call to actions anything you want so I can swipe to theright you can see different filters are coming in just as I'm swiping thisone's a motion filter so that you've measured the speed that your phone istraveling when you take the photo or the video this is the temperature in the location you're at right now the time that you've taken the photo and thenthere's location-based one so I'm in Medici in Columbia so as I scroll you cansee I get a couple of different ones just because I'm in this city and you'llsee your own specific filters for wherever you're located in the worldsometimes they're really different and unique and cool and they're fun to lookat when you're traveling around so for example if I wanted to choose this oneas my filter, I could then draw on top of this by using the pen in a very topright so this is sort of like Microsoft Paint and you can write anything on topof your photo you can just choose the color by scrolling up and down that the little color palette on the right and you can just decorate it I'm not a veryartistic person but I'm sure you can do a lot better than me make yoursnapchats look pretty that way the other bit of text you can add you just clickthe pen to go back is just normal text so you can type text, yeah and you canget done and that'll just sort it anywhere on the screen if you hit the T againthe text button again it'll make it big text and you can put that anywhere onthe screen the other thing you can do to edit the photos is you can put emojison top so the little sticker icon I guess it looks like next to the T if youclick that you get a bunch of really cool emojis that you can put any we'reinto your photo despite dragging it around you can also expand it by pinchingwith two fingers and pulling outwards or you can make it smaller or spin itaround so that's how you do a photo to post the photo on your story whichremember is the most powerful thing you can do as a business simply click storyand then post which is the bottom right arrow you could also send it to anindividual friend so if I wanted to send this to turtle pizzeria which is the account we created you can just click on unclick my story and then you canclick send and it sends this photo directly to this person so this features a little bit more advanced and it's a little bit more invasive to be used as the business I will touch on the best ways to use each of these features in theupcoming module but for right now I stick to posting stories so people can volunteerto view your content instead of forcing it on their inbox right now so if Iclick send you can see it's loading and the red icon which means I've sent aphoto to turtle pizzeria swiping back to the camera window again if I hold downthis button you can see that I am taking a video I am taking the exact same waythat the photos worked you can swipe and apply it see that just to the videoyou can turn the music sound or turn the sound on and off and you can draw ontop of it or type on top of it or do any of the things you could do to a photoexcept it's a video form click send again and you can post it to my story or tosend it to anyone of your contacts personally so that's how you post snapchatsand the other form of media once again is chatted the chats not done from thephoto window the chat is done from this newsfeed window right here so if I wantto chat to turtle pizzeria I see his name and I squared to left or you can pushthat little chat icon in the top left that I just pushed and then search forsomebody's name total pizzeria and you can write a message in here and send itto them so they're the three ways of how to do you snapchat the post content outthere I'm gonna be getting into specifics and strategy in the upcoming modulesto use this to get the best results for our businesses. 

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