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Setting up Your Snapchat Account for Your Business 

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December 14, 2019

Awesome welcome to the inside of my iPhone 6s this will be the device I'll be using throughoutthe entire course to show you exactly how to use snapchat for your business or a brand so you can see down the bottom left that I already have snapchatinstalled if this is not the case for you go ahead and search it in either theApp Store or the Google Play Store depending on what device you have anddownload it to your device so we can get started signing up great so now that everybodyhas it downloaded I'm gonna go ahead and click the snapchat icon and loadup snapchat so one thing I want to point out ahead oftime is signing up for snapchat is the most simple social media platform thatyou can sign up for it's gonna take us about one minute because of snapchat asI'll get into further down in the course snapchat doesn't actually have aprofile for you to display on snapchat it's just a username and a password foryourself so we're gonna go ahead and click the blue signup button to getstarted and input our email address so you want your business email address inhere and then go ahead and choose a password your password must have onecapital letter and one number and then choose your birthday and then go-aheadand click that green signup button that pops up next is you're gonna bechoosing your username now this is the most important step because this is the only thing that is not changeable right now on snapchats interface so whatwe're gonna want to do is we're gonna use as a simple username as possiblebecause when you are advertising your snapchat account you're going to have tobe telling people this name or writing this name on your blogs or social mediaplatforms in order to direct them to this profile so the tips that I have forcreating your snapchat username is simply to use your business name if you're the business name is taken already go ahead and put some periods or dots in betweenthe words or you can add an additional word on the end that is the market onNichiren so for example if I ran a store called turtle pizza I could haveturtle pizza in there ultimately I would have turtle but I know that's gonna bealready taken you can see by the thumbs down icon that snapchat provide so if Itried turtle pizza it's probably gonna be taken the thing that you can do isyou can put a period in between the words it's also taken so maybe a turtle the pizzeria's good so I'm gonna go ahead and go with that so for your businessbecause this is very important and it can't be changed right now in snapchat youmay as well stay here and test out three or four names until you find the most the optimal name for your business because there are a lot of people on snapchat sothere are gonna be a lot of usernames already taken I'm gonna click thecontinue button now and then you have to verify or input your phone number thisare they say it so they know you're a real person it's also to reset yourpassword if you forget it I'm just going to go ahead and click skip in the topright if you don't want to put your number in here no big deal as well andclick skip it's totally your choice then they just want you to verify youraccount so you just want to click all the images that contain a ghost this justmakes sure that you are not a computer but you are a human being it's a littlebit tricky but here we go and that's my recording on the mic right now we arein to snapchat so this may look a little bit foreign to you or my look may lookfamiliar if you've used snapchat before I'm gonna be breaking down exactly whatall these features are on snapchat in the upcoming modules and exactly how to usethem in order to optimize your business and get more customers and sales foryour business so that's it for the first lecture congratulations you've now setup a snapchat account.

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