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App #1 - Post Any Picture or Media to your Snapchat Followers! 

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December 14, 2019

So as you probably realized playing around with the snapchat app you maybe noticed that you can't use any of the media you've already got on your phone to save to your story or to send individually to a user who's following you on snapchat snapchat is very much positioned to be now and in the moment sort of thing so you can't take old content and send it to people or put it in your story or I should say you can't do this through the snapchat app but what I wanted to point out is this really cool app I was gonna demonstrate this for you but it wouldn't let me log in on my phone for some reason so it should work for you by the time you're watching this but there was just a bug while I was trying to demonstrate it so I'm gonna show you what the app looks like from the outside it's called upload and roll camera roll upload and save for snapchat so what it does is it lets you upload old content that may be on your phone or maybe you can put it from your computer to your phone and you can upload anything you want any media to your snapchat story or your snapchat friends list and what you can do is this just allows you to share any good content that you already have or maybe you're offline in your subway and you just take a photo of something cool that has to do with the business or brand you can then go home and later upload it to snapchat so once again it's called upload and roll it's by dot did you set LLC and you can see this is what the inside of the app looks like you can browse your gallery and just choose which picture you want to upload you can then put on different sorts of graphics and editing of this photo outside of the snapchat toolset and then you choose who to send it to do you want to post it to your story which again is the most powerful thing you can do as a business because it is a passive way to get in front of your users without really annoying in them every day with personal snapchats and once again you just log in using your snapchat username so the app is called upload and roll you can find it in the App Store on Apple or in the Play Store on Google just go ahead and download it and login with both your snapchat username and your Gmail account you have to have a Gmail account to use this it's a snapchat verification sort of thing they have going and once you do that you can use both pictures and videos from your gallery and put them into your stories.

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