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Critical Snapchat Growth Mindsets for Optimal Results

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December 14, 2019

So I want to go over a couple of mindsets of growing your snapchat account before we dive into theexact strategies the first ones that I want to go over is the power of aInstagram follower now I've shown you the exact power of the Instagram followerin the past showing you how snapchat stories stay on the snapchat timelineuntil they are read so you get a high content visibility rating witheach fan there for fans on snapchat that worth far more than I found any othersocial media platform so you should be celebrating when you get just one snapchatfollow up so don't set your eyes at a million or a hundred thousand or ten a thousand followers it's a lot different to other social media also a lotdifferent because you don't have that sort of social proof so no one is lookingto see how much interaction your account gets that's for your eyes only the second thing is there's no news feed algorithm or hashtags on any searchablediscoverable method on snapchat right now to find other users so all thesemethods I'm going to be showing you it's going to be outside the platformthey're going to be external and third-party apps third-party websites othersocial media sites and using your existing followings so with those twomindsets the value of a follow up being super high and super valuable for yourbrand and the second mindset of all fans are going to come externally offlineand online but not through the snapchat platform directly unless we're talkingabout follow backs then it's going to be much more beneficial for you to takethis next lecture because you'll understand exactly how to leverage these otherplatforms and why we're doing cool let's jump into the content.

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