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How do I post on Snapchat? 

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December 14, 2019

So, One of the bigquestions about businesses on snapchat are what they should be posting and whyso I'm gonna go through three quick points to help frame what you should beposting in your mind and then I'm gonna give you some concrete examples ofexactly what brands and businesses are posting on snapchat successfully so the first the thing I want you to know is snapchat is not as formal as other social mediaplatforms Facebook and Instagram are very much showing your best side wheresnapchat is much more behind the scenes which I know I've talked about earlier solower the standard of what you post on snapchat and you'll find it much easierto come up with cool ideas the second point is before you post something onsnapchat ask yourself does it fill one of the following categories is itentertaining informative or valuable if it's one of those three things go-aheadand post on snapchat your fans will like it and if it doesn't fill oneof those three categories probably don't post it the third thing is content andwhat works for your business is gonna be different depending on what yourbusiness does and what who your followers are so what I highly suggest you dois the one you see what works see what gets the most interaction or most views onyour snapchat channel and repeat the stuff that does work and doesn't repeatthe stuff that doesn't perform so well also see what's working for others soremember the ten people that we followed at the start to get inspirationof what to post keep an eye on them keep an eye on their accounts see whatthey're posting and use that as inspiration for what you should post on yoursnapchat okay with that aside I now have ten examples of what you can be postedon your snapchat so let's go through them now number one anything behind thescenes I know we've touched on this quite a bit throughout this course butanything to give an insight into what's going on behind the curtain of yourbusiness this is Lois house who interviewed with this lady you could seethe finished copy of the interview on any of his social media platforms but onsnapchat you get to see behind the scenes happy photo of the lady holding hisbook and Lois house just them together really cool little insight into what he'sdoing day to day people and friends you'll notice that this screenshot is frommy snapchat and my walk to lunch with my friend Sam so this is a video it was Itook a screenshot of my friend Sam you get to know the people I hangout with and you get to know more about the person behind the business event sothis is from Victoria's Secret and the event was the Victoria Secret FashionShow 2015 it doesn't have to be this big of an event if you have a small eventcoming up in your business you can also use that event and post about it on snapchatjust to get the word out there and for everybody see what you guys are doingI'm going to show you the full story of the Victoria's Secret FashionShow in this lecture because I want you to see how well they've done toput together a story about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show many interviewsthis one once again is a screenshot from Victoria's Secret Story this is aninterview with this man here Mohamed Hadid and it's cool for the fansjust to get new voices and different people inside your snapchat videos so onceagain you don't have to be interviewing celebrities it could be friends oremployees just anything that gives an insight into the business humor is alwaysgood people love to be entertained on snapchat so something like this thisperson's created themself as Harry Potter and drawn a scar on the head thatcould get a lot of shares and a lot of laughs and just draw you and youraudience closer together new products and features is a popular one it's greatfor your business and it's great for your fans to know about this sort ofthings so this was Taco Bell introducing a new breakfast they did a countdownto the new breakfast and then when the breakfast arrived they posted breakfastis here with the new I think they're mini donuts for breakfast quotes arealways cool so motivating quotes are informative chords inspiring quotes are alwaysgood you can type them out on snapchat or what this person has done here it's justmade the quote on the computer and took a close photo of the pitcher onthe computer so they can have more creative too to create the quote and stilldisplays on their snapchat without being limited by the paint and the text onthe snapchat app-exclusive offers I'm gonna get into this one deeper in whenI'm talking about making money and converting your snapchat followers but thisperson WH clothing dot-com has used a snapchat code to get 20% off their orderwhen they order @wh clothing command this is cool because it'sexclusive offer it's a reason for people to follow you on snapchat and it's alsoa reward for your snapchat followers so cool thing to do is exclusiveoffers competitions is another cool one so this was I believe Taco Bell couldhave been Domino's and what they did is they had a competition where all theirsnapchat friends and fans had to create a food doodle so they had to draw aphoto of food on their snapchat and they picked 10 random winners and they gavein my praise, I'm not exactly sure what the prize of us but it's great just tobuild affinity and a relationship with their fans once again the last thing Iwant to point out is to see what works and repeat that see what other businessesare doing in a niche make sure you're following them and keeping an eye on whatthey're posting also see what gets the most interaction on your snapchat feedand from your content that you're posting see what people are interacting withand what they're enjoying and post more of that once again lower the standardof what you're gonna post and just put it out there and test how well it goeswith your fans, I bet you you're having the bar too high if you can't thinkabout anything to post so that's it for what the post I'll see you in the nextlecture you okay models backstage but the pink carpet is starting who's excitedwhere Selena who are you excited to seetonight the party and my agents here my parents you.

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