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Differences between Ads and Google Merchant

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about some of the differences between AdWords by Google and Merchant Center by Google both of them are options for you to promote your product but of course AdWords just gives you just shows users text-based ads on the Google search page and the Merchant Center ads have a picture which is very attractive and actually even looks a little bit like Google images and a lot of people think that those aren't ads and those are just product photos and people click on them very readily because many people many people don't even realize those are ads in any case what's the difference in AdWords you're able to set your targeting options per search campaign and you're able to have a lot of flexibility with keywords with a Merchant Center you don't have that flexibility they only pull the keywords from your description so you don't control the keywords very much beyond that and essentially the ad Merchant Center is where you're able to add attribute to your products feed so that Google can say oh okay like that's the products that they have that they want to promote and these are all the attributes of their product here is the price of the product here is like the picture of the product here is the XYZ here is the You know like the shipping rates and all that so there's much more information you can add about your product then in the text base AdWords campaign and also if you have a lot of products a big inventory you could Merchant Center has tools to make that easy for you to import and of course if you just have one product you want to promote that's fine as well you can do that and of course AdWords gives you a little bit more analytics and the Merchant Center does a you know it doesn't have a full analytics package for you so that's the difference and again the fourth as far as the consumer sees it the Merchant Center ads of course they that's where you can put your pretty you know unlike nice picture of your products and make it really stand out in search results because a lot of the times the text-based ads really don't stand out and people really know to ignore them like for example like I really know to ignore like my eyes just basically skipped the ad section that a text-based ads but the images I'm like oh those are interesting images and I kind of browse through them almost like it's not an ad so it's very engaged it's very engaging for the customer and it's a great way to stand out in front and get in front of them.

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