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SEO definitions for beginners

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now let's go over some google terminology and this is gonna be for beginners if you've been doing SEO for a while you will know this but for beginners it's good to understand so that you're not confused so there is such a thing that's called Google BOTS very confusing sometimes it's called a spider or sometimes it's called a crawler it's all the same thing it's not a bot it's basically just software and the software crawls the web and we'll get into what's crawling exactly but it basically goes from page to page to page to page and sees what's on this page that's crawling discovering every page on the Internet and every page on your website that's what Google does when it discovers a new page meaning when it crawls a new page then it does something called indexing that means it's adding that page that it just discovered or that it just crawled it's the same thing to its database and then your question might be well when does the page rank so the page is crawled the pages indexed when is it rank that's up to Google. The ranking is independent of course crawling and indexing has to happen before ranking if they don't crawl your page and then they don't index your page your page can never rank because they don't know about your page so crawling in and indexing that's just Google's process of discovering your page but once they discover their algorithm by their own magic rules decides where is this page going to rank is it gonna rank at all in the search results when is it gonna rank how high is it gonna rank that's up to Google and the crawling and indexing is a prerequisite to it if you're confused about crawling let me show you what happens so let's say you're on any page any website what Google really does is they go like view source they look at the page source and they look at all the links so for example if I scroll down they see oh here's a link and they put it on their to-do list and eventually they go and visit that link and so they collect they take out all this HTML that they don't need but as soon as they see something oh well this is a wing okay we're gonna check this out later this is a link they're gonna check this out later you see all the other HTML they throw away but the stuff that's links they're like well this could be a page and then they check do we already have this in our database meaning to the do we already have this indexed or is it new if it's new they go and they look at it and then they take the HTML just like this they examine the HTML and then they crawl the new pages now one question is how often this is important how often does google recrawl a page there's billions of pages on the internet how often this is revisit them and actually it used to be slow but now if you make a change they'll probably know about it within the day sometimes within seconds or minutes their algorithm is really good at checking for updates but will your changes show up right away that's not the same thing sometimes it even though then they are aware of the changes you're making it's still up to them and it takes longer often for the changes you make to actually show up and be reflected in actual search results so now you understand what the Googlebot is what crawling is how crawling happens what indexing is and how all that relates to your pages showing up in Google search results.

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