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Introducing JungleScout

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January 31, 2020

Video Transcription: Now if you're selling on Amazon or if you're going to be selling on Amazon there's a very good tool industry standard tool jungle Scout it is a kind of a keyword research tool and a revenue estimator for example you might tell it hey I want to be in a niche that sells grout cleaning products for the home and it will tell you hey you're gonna make like twenty thousand dollars if you're the first one that's the revenue that's generated by the first product now you can't know that outside of this tool you can only kind of estimate or guesstimate and I'll show you how to guesstimate but essentially this is the standard tool that has a little bit more better estimation you can say and it's not free unfortunately and it's not all that incredibly cheap although it's not expensive either so you can see products if I click on the web app for example the product and you have to scroll all the way down to their product page and you will do that now and you will see that they are going to charge like $49 a month which is not the most pleasant of fees you'll be better if it was $19.99 or something like that but it essentially it's one of those things that if this can tell you hey this is lucrative don't waste your time or do you know try this instead of that and you can make thousands of dollars more later from the from the advice this gave you then of course it's very well worth it and you don't have to stay with this forever just do your keyword research and then get rid of that count so in the end it's not that terribly expensive and it's one of those things that if you get if you do good research and the foundation the planning for your product. I mean it's gonna turn into a lot more revenue and a lot less wasted time so this is a very good investment if you just getting into the product I do recommend that you don't have to have it it's recommended not required because you can always use the Google Keyword tool or whatever keyword tool you're comfortable with and just kind of project and extrapolate what I search my ID on Google what it might be on Amazon of course keep in mind people search differently on Google and Amazon but largely it has a lot of similar overlap and that's why the Google Keyword tool will still be totally okay even if you don't have jungle scout but if you can't definitely get it.

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